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  1. 1 hour ago, MichaelC362 said:

    Cela fait déjà plusieurs versions, pas seulement la dernière...
    Il faut ressélectionner l'adresse e-mail dans le champ du mot de passe, puis saisir le mot de passe

    No, there is no question of re-entering all my passwords, I don't know why they disappeared, but I had to do some manipulation to recover them all:
    . I went back to version 2600,
    . then I restored an automatic passkeeper backup of a few days

    after that, everything is ok for the moment!

  2. Hello, I have been using the speed dial tab for a long time, I find it very practical, and synchronization on all my pc is essential for me. The speed dial of mx6 is erratic, it is difficult or impossible to move and classify thumbnails without generating a mixture, the thumbnails come out of subfolders and go anywhere, I even lost a complete folder. Is this bug known and will it be fixed?