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  1. Hello Sir,...and I did click "Continue" , but nothing happened. I am trying to figure it out, but cannot guess anything. Have a wonderful day..!!
  2. Hello there Sir, here is a pic of the message I get everytime I check for update....and yeap I uninstalled and reinstalled, but still the same issue. I was thinking to uninstall ver. and install the beta version of mx6 to see if the same issue continues.
  3. Hello Community, My name is Victor, glad to be a part of the community!! and thank you for welcoming !!☺️
  4. Hello there, I installed Maxthon ver. and every time that I click on help and then go and click "about" to check for an update, I get the "User Account window message" If you started this action, continue Uninstall or change an application Microsoft Windows Details: {FCC74B77-EC3E-4D08-A80B-008A702075A9} Has anyone encounter this issue while checking to update the browser? if no one has, try it. Please Advice