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  1. Who still waiting for Side bar and the Downloader of mx5 ??
  2. Aha ok, But .. I have to do it in Every tab I open ?? Because When I open New tab, It Back to "disabled" again, and it's not work ..
  3. can u put a video for it ? I think I couldn't .. I meant how can I change to 999999?
  4. Yeah It's Disabled but still Auto-Refreshing tabs .. And I tried All Updates ..
  5. I have the same problem, And I tried all resolutions But nothing changes, Auto-Refreshing ..
  6. No I didn't open incognito window .. And I can't Record this Issue Because this problem makes my whole computer not working properly.. Oh .. It's The same problem in this video .. bandicam 2021-07-03 04-43-30-278.mp4 Same Problem Here
  7. Thank you so much, it resolved now. But still there problem, When I open new tab, MX6 Stops working At all .. so ..
  8. I already made a screenshot. and the problem that i can't do anything .. so i can't disable any extensions ..
  9. Back to MX5 .. I can Do And Find what I want in him .. Side Bar ✅ Status Bar ✅ Add The Picture that u want to Background ✅ Ad-Blocker ✅ MX5 Downloader ✅ MX5's Pop-up mode ✅ MX5's Translation ✅ Best than Google translation ? Auto-Refresh too ✅
  10. The latest very heavy updates -, so much I can not do anything in the browser .. It only continues not to respond all time, with difficulty I have been able to send this comment. I even can not log on because, if you log in, I will not literally do anything, it is only to respond to the over time and cause a complete computer does not respond .. I can not resolve it .. It's just too heavy and does not respond throughout the time .. I can not browse or do anything .. bandicam 2021-07-03 04-34-11-600.mp4 bandicam 2021-07-03 04-43-30-278.mp4
  11. I would like this when I press "ctrl + F1" to capture the picture and download the snapshot directly to a pre-defined location without asking me to choose the folder again..
  12. Every screen shot i have to Select the folder to download it in .. I want to Take a lot of screen shots in hurry ..
  13. And when we will get Maxthon Ad-blocker and translation ??? I want Mx5's Ad-blocker and translation not chrome's ..
  14. I have a suggestion.. for screenshots why not put the suggestion to download the photo directly in a specific place after taking the picture.. like taking the picture in smartphones.
  15. Me Too, I really Hope That MX6 Can be Like MX5 with Chrome's Functions. I still Waiting for Side bar, Status bar, Mx5's Translation Box, Mx5's Mute tab. And Auto Refresh too .. Didn't Fixed yet ..
  16. Can You Please Put Mute Function For The Tab only, Not All the site ? Some Times I wanted To Mute One tab but it Mutes All tabs in the same Site .. I want MX5 Mute Function.
  17. Now I can see Mx6 Nearing to be looks like Mx5 ..
  18. Please tell me, will we be able to see the sidebar in the future or not .. Even if not, I am not waiting and contemplating for nothing .. And Thank You.