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  1. I tried it already after update .. It happened after the update, not before.
  2. I have A problem In Yutube after Update ... I changed the language and dark theme for youtube, But it changed the language by it self and change to light theme .... The changes that I done never saved.
  3. Yeah I know this features but I meant Just mouse Gesture, Without keyboard. I like Mouse gesture that's why I like to do everything by it ????
  4. I want to save images by Mouse Gesture ... I hope so .. Like this Hold left button then right click
  5. I want to know, when the crashes will be fixed ?? I hate that when I do something and the browser closes suddenly ..
  6. Who still waiting for Side bar and the Downloader of mx5 ??
  7. Aha ok, But .. I have to do it in Every tab I open ?? Because When I open New tab, It Back to "disabled" again, and it's not work ..
  8. can u put a video for it ? I think I couldn't .. I meant how can I change to 999999?
  9. Yeah It's Disabled but still Auto-Refreshing tabs .. And I tried All Updates ..
  10. I have the same problem, And I tried all resolutions But nothing changes, Auto-Refreshing ..
  11. No I didn't open incognito window .. And I can't Record this Issue Because this problem makes my whole computer not working properly.. Oh .. It's The same problem in this video .. bandicam 2021-07-03 04-43-30-278.mp4 Same Problem Here
  12. Thank you so much, it resolved now. But still there problem, When I open new tab, MX6 Stops working At all .. so ..
  13. I already made a screenshot. and the problem that i can't do anything .. so i can't disable any extensions ..
  14. Back to MX5 .. I can Do And Find what I want in him .. Side Bar ✅ Status Bar ✅ Add The Picture that u want to Background ✅ Ad-Blocker ✅ MX5 Downloader ✅ MX5's Pop-up mode ✅ MX5's Translation ✅ Best than Google translation ? Auto-Refresh too ✅
  15. The latest very heavy updates -, so much I can not do anything in the browser .. It only continues not to respond all time, with difficulty I have been able to send this comment. I even can not log on because, if you log in, I will not literally do anything, it is only to respond to the over time and cause a complete computer does not respond .. I can not resolve it .. It's just too heavy and does not respond throughout the time .. I can not browse or do anything .. bandicam 2021-07-03 04-34-11-600.mp4 bandicam 2021-07-03 04-43-30-278.mp4
  16. Yeah, I would like this when I press "ctrl + F1" to capture the picture and download the snapshot directly to a pre-defined location without asking me to choose the folder again..
  17. Every screen shot i have to Select the folder to download it in .. I want to Take a lot of screen shots in hurry ..
  18. And when we will get Maxthon Ad-blocker and translation ??? I want Mx5's Ad-blocker and translation not chrome's ..
  19. I have a suggestion.. for screenshots why not put the suggestion to download the photo directly in a specific place after taking the picture.. like taking the picture in smartphones.