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  1. Okay I have been using for couple weeks now.. and it is horrible all around. I am using it on a laptop with Windows 8.1 installed. I was using whatever version there was since last December. I never bothered with any updates till now. Everything had been running smoothly and perfectly, Maxthon was my only browser I would use. Video playback for youtube or any streaming sites were flawless! I could have multiple tabs open, one with youtube playing, one with my email open and one for searching. Everything would be working harmoniously. Now, nothing works right! Videos whe
  2. There is a volume control trick I learned last year using maxthon. If I have more than one tab open with media playing, and I open up my volume control from my taskbar, there would be separate controls for those tabs. So I could have one tab open playing a drum beat track, a second tab with a guitar track playing, and another tab open with spatial music playing.. and in my open volume control box, would be 3 volume controls open. On my volume control box, each separate tab would be titled Maxthon, and I could adjust and control how loud I wanted each separate volume. This made it very useful f