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  1. 9 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Hi thereddevilrulez, could you please send the crash report of this issue to me?

    Please compress the Maxthon5 file "History" and send it to me. I will forward it to the dev team for analysis.


    Request recorded.

    Please uncheck "tab close button."

    Maxthon Snap20220406183936.png

    Suggesiton recorded. You could also drag the tab to another window directly. 😊

    Request recorded.

    PFA crash reports.


    Sorry, like i said before, i cannot send out my history.


    I have unchecked "tab close button" already. The issue is on background tabs upon mouse-over the close 'x' button is shown, and when you have lots of tabs open it's very easy to click it while activating the tab.


    I could drag the tab directly onto another window, although it does go near the active tab (when you have multiple tabs and active one is in the middle) the tab bar scrolls all the way to the start tab. Which then has to be scrolled all the way back to the active tab or have to use ctrl+tab to jump back (if scrolling is too much).


  2. Hi MX Team, Please look into the below issues and requests:

    1. MX portable on Win10x64 still crashes randomly while right clicking recently visited tabs (happens when list is not empty... pfa).  MX bug.pngMX6 normal.png

    2. History still not imported fully from MX5 installed version which has years of data.

    3. Horizontal scrolling of bookmarks needed desperately.

    4. Option to disable 'x' close button on background tabs.

    5. With multiple MX6 windows open, sending a tab to merge with another window puts it at the very end. Perhaps an option to insert next to active tab as well as end or start (all three so that user can select) would be useful.

    6. The separate search box (next to address bar) as in MX5 could be implemented as a plugin extension atleast, which pops out a search box with the search engines in a menu list.



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