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  1. Thank you so much :-)
  2. Shame i am so used to colorful tabs in Firefox that i really miss that now. OHHHH yes please, would love it :-) Hmmm so to color the drop down tabs in the fav bar it would have to be done by a skin?
  3. Any chance of having a color fav folder option? and maybe even a color tab option? Id love that, it help to see folders and tabs quicker Or does anyone know of a plugin or addon for this? I couldn't find one.
  4. Totally understand, ty :-)
  5. Yes ive looked there i didn't find one either ty :-) uhmmm im lost what should i add as a fav? Im just seeing jumbled up code with a link inbetween which when i click opens even more code, i have no idea what to do with this code lol sorry Thank you, tried that but all that does is take me to google chrome store and then tells me my browser is not supported
  6. Okay i have done the update and the problem seems to be gone woot! Thank you again to all that helped and i have to say im really impressed with this browser and although i was a sworn firefox user and never used any other for as long as fox has existed, i can now say i am a very happy MAXTHON user :-) ty! I just had one other small thing, there seems to be no share with Pinterest button for Maxthon, but im guessing thats a pinterest issue and not maxthon or?