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  1. On 10/3/2022 at 7:07 PM, SirNasso said:

    Sory if this was asked before, but couldn't find it in the forums.

    Just installed the new MX6 PC Beta Release Everything looks good upon transitioning from MX5, for now. But was wondering is there a way to change the folder displayed in the favorites bar, like it was possible on the old Maxthon? Looked through options, but couldn't find anything. 

    Hi SirNasso, you could click the fav button to customize the display folder on bookmarks bar.

    Maxthon Snap20221008170830.png

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  2. 19 hours ago, xxxxx said:

    - I use page zoom +150% (on a 4k tv), in recent builds (I guess since V6.2.0.1400), whenever I open a new tab in the background (with mmb), my current tab goes back to zoom 100% for 1-2s then jumps back to zoom +150%. This is a consistent behavior, not random, it happens when zoom scale is different from 100%.

    Hi xxxxx, could you please provide a short video of this issue?

    19 hours ago, xxxxx said:

    - I keep seeing the app white screen flash when maxthon has to redraw its window (whenever I minimize maxthon and bring it up again or when another app takes focus in fullscreen, the maxthon window is white for several seconds). Heppening since v6.2.x.xxxx and may be related to hardware acceleration (the issue is even worse with hardware acceleration ON)

    This known issue will be fixed as soon as possible. 

    On 10/1/2022 at 11:31 PM, ero35 said:

    feature request;

    1-using google account

    2-web torrent support

    Hi ero35, requests recorded. 😊

    Does the Chrome browser support the web torrent? Could you please introduce which browser supports the web torrent?

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  3. On 10/6/2022 at 6:11 PM, Cllaymenn said:

    I must admit that history is running very slowly again. Both searching and loading the page with results (you have to wait as the thumbnails of the page icons slowly load to scroll down the page) :(

    I think there is no need to record a movie and everyone can check it at home (is it only with me?)
      I have a super fast 5950X and 64GB RAM, I have been servicing computers for over a dozen years, I know about it and everything is OK in my system. In other browsers like Opera, the history Edge works lightning fast

    Hi Cllaymenn, I sent the private message to you. 😊

  4. On 9/24/2022 at 8:58 PM, Perplexer said:

    I am still using Windows 7 and since I started using MX6, I noticed that the Maxthon button in the taskbar automatically jumps to the far right side when I enter full-screen mode in YouTube for example. The same thing happens with Edge or Chrome, so I guess this is common to all Chromium browsers.

    But because the taskbar buttons can be dragged, I want to place them where I want after I open a program, and I don't want them to jump around by themselves.

    Is there any possibility to make sure the taskbar button for Maxthon stays in place even when using full-screen mode on YouTube?

    This seems to only be a problem in Windows 7 and not in Windows 10, so I realize it's probably not a priority to solve, but I can still hope I guess. 🙂

    Hi Perplexer, you could pin Maxthon to the taskbar, then it won't skip to other locations.

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  5. 13 hours ago, rambo said:

    Windows 11. MX Version6.2.0.1000

    From MX some facebook videos are like on the picture below.

    The same on Chrome browser, before I turned off hardware acceleration on chrome. Now videos on chrome are ok, but MX after turning off hardware acceleration (  ) plays the same greenish lines.


    Hi rambo, did the video play normally after enabling the hardware acceleration in MX6?

    Did you experience this issue in all videos or only this video?

  6. On 8/20/2022 at 5:47 PM, AaronX said:

    I've got some stuck, phantom downloads that won't clear in, 900, and I think 800.

    I believe all three were files I opened directly rather than saved. Even restarting and downloading them afresh, then deleting again, has no effect.


    Hi AaronX, this issue has been fixed in version, would you like to have a try?



  7. 18 hours ago, Raniw said:

    It costs Maxthon everything is fine.

    Installed new Maxthon (no extensions) doesn't show favorites sidebar content. Watch the video.

    P.S. also in Maxthon the content of the favorites sidebar is not displayed.

    Hi Raniw, how about the version Could you please help to test this issue in v6.2.0.1100?

    Download link: https://github.com/aoyiteam/maxthon/releases/download/v6.2.0.1100/maxthon_portable_6.2.0.1100_beta_x64.zip

  8. 1 hour ago, KSab said:


    Hi KSab, it seems that the data of your home browser did not upload the bookmark data to our server. If your home browser displays the bookmarks correctly, please try to edit/add the bookmarks, then the bookmarks will sync to our server automatically. If your home browser could not display the bookmarks now, please go to settings to restore the bookmark data from local or import the bookmarks data from MX5 again. Then edit/add bookmarks to let the bookmarks sync to the server automatically.

    Maxthon Snap20220822160600.png

  9. On 8/20/2022 at 5:47 PM, AaronX said:

    I've got some stuck, phantom downloads that won't clear in, 900, and I think 800.

    I believe all three were files I opened directly rather than saved. Even restarting and downloading them afresh, then deleting again, has no effect.


    Hi AaronX, could you please provide a short video of this issue? I tried to test this issue on my end but haven't reproduced it.

    On 8/21/2022 at 12:28 PM, KSab said:

    Good afternoon!
    Updated to version on my home computer. To get all bookmarks from version 5.3.8, I went to the bookmark manager, deleted all bookmarks, then in the settings I selected "Import Maxthon 5 account data from the server". Everything synced fine on my home computer. But on other computers, when you first run, all bookmarks disappear and do not appear anymore! The sync works fine though. Updated to version - the problem was not solved. When removing and "clean" installation of, the situation has not changed. On version for android, all bookmarks also disappeared and no longer appear !!


    Hi KSab, could you please provide the email address of your browser account?

  10. 44 minutes ago, DONG DONG said:

    Will we ever be able to have this kind of thing again?
    Like translation and Google or open pages in the side bar ..

    I want to feel like I'm using MX5 again.. or won't feel the same thing that made me use Maxthon for the first time..
    Even Pop up is not like MX5 but looks like Chrome... and this is something that makes me upset.. I like Maxthon as my favorite browser and I don't want its design to change to be like any other browser..
    I want him to keep all the things that made me attracted to him in the first place.
    Thank you for your hard work~~~

    Suggestion recorded. The dev team is still working on optimizing the sidebar. 😊

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  11. 16 hours ago, rambo said:

    1) Another suggestion about "Snap screen". 

    It would be very useful, if you add possibility to draw straight lines. Lets say with shift key.

    When you want to highlight some text on "snaped screen" when editing it before saving (and this is quite common scenario) you just hold shift key depressed  and draw line (like in photoshop). Line is 100% horizontal and beautiful . :) 

    I think it is very helpful and should be easy to implement. 

    Request recorded. ?

    16 hours ago, rambo said:

    2) Possible Bug.

    Noticed 2-3 month ago. Still happens from time to time. When visiting chrome devtools in Maxthon , selecting "Selection Tool" , click on any text, want to copy x-path, but devtools freezes, you cant even close it with "x" button. Best you can do - close tab. (Other tabs work good)

    It has been fixed in the new core version. Please update the browser to the latest version and try this issue again. 


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  12. On 7/31/2022 at 6:18 AM, Mhzayer said:

    In Maxnote
    once I search about something and open the note
    I no longer see the search tab again and I have to refresh the page to get out of the opened note to search for other notes

    search records in maxnote.png

    I found how to go back hidden in the toolbar 
    why not keep it shown all the time?




    search records in maxnote.png.jpg

    Hi Mhzayer, could you please provide a short video of this issue?

  13. 2 hours ago, coaloreadult said:

    In MX-6, however, I'm unable to access my QuickAccess data from my MX-5 (Guest Profile). Since a few months ago, I've been completely enraged by it. Every time I've copied the MX-5 "QaConfig.dat" file to the MX-6 installation path and its quickaccess folder (in my case, D:Program FilesMathon 6User DataProfile 1QuickAccess/) and restarted the MX-6 Browser, it shows me the MX-6 Default QuickAccess Data/Links!!

    You could import the Maxthon 5 Guest account data to MX6.

    Maxthon Snap20220726154110.png

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