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  1. 19 hours ago, David Košecký said:

    hat MX5 didn't support  :root (css).

    I'll check this with our developer. So  :root (css). is a kind of HTML format selector?

    But I doubt that Maxthon will change at this point just to support one theme from an extension. So if there is any alternative to the extension or the theme, I hight suggest you change the extension.

  2. Oh, finally I figure out what are you talking about.

    I tried to install "clear dark Facebook" using the Stylish extension, while the "install" process never starts after clicking.

    So I then tried "install style as userscript", the install succeed, while no change for the facebook theme. And it popped up the warning saying @grant issue.

    I'm wondering how can Maxthon help in this case with the info provided that the author had so solution either?

  3. On 5/7/2017 at 4:49 PM, 7twenty said:

    Still have the update button on my management page?

    Hopefully someone will reply and fix what the issue is with your account.

    Hey Rob, could you help provide a screenshot with "update" button showing so I can compare yours and FB Purity's.

    Thanks in advance.


    1 hour ago, FB Purity said:

    sorry, but nobody should be asking for my password

    And for this, I apologize.

  4. Hi A.S.

    I've talked with our PM on this issue. And you are right.

    We found that 20*20 and 40*40 fit MX5 better, so the PM will make Maxthon5 extract 32 and 48 pics to be shown on the toolbar for now to ensure the clarity, so developers like you don't have to worry about the work.

    Our designer and chief technician are discussing the standard now, they will draw a new one and will be published on forum and extension center in future.

    Thanks again for telling us this issue and sorry for the trouble. :5884970a7da3a_1:


  5. Hi A.S. 

    Thanks for opening this thread for discussion. And the issue you encountered is quite clear with the pics you attached there. Icons are blurred only if you change them to 24*24 or bigger pixs. And I really want to figure out why and how to solve. Then I tried two things.  

    1st, I went to downloaded 3 other extensions uploaded before or after the launch of MX5. They appear like this on MX5 (v5.0.4.400) and MX4 (v4.4.8.2000)

    QQ截图20170502105959.pngMX4 icon toolbar.png

    oh, the third one is from you. Thanks for making extensions for MX all the time.

    From these two pics, I cannot say which row is clearer or blurrier than the other one. So I suppose Maxthon may not have changed the standard? But this is not enough since your picture is so clear showing. 

    So I did another thing, to read the extension SDK file, which is quite beyond my ability as a person almost know nothing about programming.

    I just pick the related part to read and saw this paragraph:

    icon SDK.png

    As far as I understand that, every creator needs to upload 3 different sized icons for the computer choose to show in the right place. So it will choose the right sized one to avoid blurring and make it fit automatically? Or machine cannot be that smart? Am I understanding it correctly? If no, please help shed some light on me, thanks in advance. 

    These two tests still cannot solve my confusion, why the others show clear while your newly developed is blurred? You upload 3 sized icons to each extension you made, right?

    So with my confusion, I decide to ask this question to our technicians who knows more about extension than me this afternoon, hope he can provide more information.  


  6. 44 minutes ago, 7twenty said:

    Doesn't seem to have happened yet. Manually changing to the IE11 UA works (but not something i want to have set permanently), so i'm guessing that's the UA that's going to be pushed. 

    they pushed the new UA yesterday, so it may alive now, and I checked again just now, you don't have to change UA manually. (I was using portable version, but that may not matter with this issue)

    Does a refresh help?

  7. 1 hour ago, 7twenty said:

    Still broken... 

    Any updates??

    Hi Rob, our technician has pushed a new UA to this site, so users should visit it's older format in version now.


    And the core reason that Maxthon doesn't support well for Spotify (Netflix, Amazon video, etc.) is that Maxthon is lack DRM plug-in, which is 6m big.

    Our PM decides to begin to program the plug-in for Maxthon, but will not add it to the install pack, since it will increase the size. They plan to make it cloud download when first time running Maxthon.

    BTW, in my test, it shows the purple pop-up every time I refresh the page, and cannot play any music. Is that the same with you?