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  1. On 9/10/2018 at 1:38 AM, A.S. said:

    Did Lonely Atom delete tracking scripts or just use old safe version?
    Or this method of tracking just does not work on Maxthon?

    It hasn't tracked cookies and browsing history from Maxthon. If you have Fiddler, you could try to check it out and contrast with Chrome browser.

  2. On 9/8/2018 at 1:07 AM, A.S. said:

    Is Stylish for Maxthon official?
    Here're not so many official extensions and ports. I know olny three: LastPass, VKOpt and AdBlock Plus. Other extensions in most cases are unofficial ports from funboys. Is Stylish too?

    Thank you for your feedback. The dev team has tested, it won't track request from Maxthon browser, and these aren't official extensions.

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    20 hours ago, roguelike said:

    No, its ok, and you can open sites in this tab. First opened tab just opens in second tab leaving first empty.

    Watch for many times..:Flushed_Face_Emoji_42x42: Finally I understand lol

    I see you just create a new tab at the same time you clicking the google/youtube/others website on QA page

    The 'create new tab'action must be happened after you "click website on QA page" I think that' s normal not a bug or problem

  4. 1 hour ago, DARKSTORM said:

    So it would have been possible for me to buy tokens if I haven't encountered errors during the private placement?


    I've lost big time if that was the case

    Given the situation(completely our mistake, not yours), we can open a special channel for you to help purchase the LVT manually.

    If you would, I can add you on Telegram or we can communicate through emails as forum thread will leak private info to others.

    We will help guide you to purchase your ideal amount of LVT. Can you kindly let me know your Telegram name, or you prefer email?

  5. 9 minutes ago, DARKSTORM said:

    Oh right, I forgot about that. I joined 2 weeks ago but haven't been keeping updates from there.

    Meanwhile, How was the private placement conducted?

    During the private placement stages you registered on lives.one, make a subscription of the amount of LVT you want to purchase, and then transfer the accordingly amount of ETH to the given wallet address, the smart contract will send the LVT automatically to your wallet(sender address of your ETH). That was the normal process.

  6. 15 hours ago, DARKSTORM said:

    Any updates @BugSir006?

    Hi Darkstorm, sorry for the inconvenience. Our engineer is looking into this issue and it's probably due to the mobile carrier's signal problem.

    We'll try to give you a solution as soon as possible and let you know in time. Thx so much for your patience.


    On 2017/11/3 at 10:11 PM, PHYR said:

    Bugsir, I was wondering if you would like to post my phone number in the forum too?  :/ wtf

    Sorry missed that, hide the info now & thx for the heads up

  7. 2 hours ago, DARKSTORM said:

    I am registering at LivesToken(LVT)
    Too bad I missed the Private Placement but I read it was only for a specific number of people. I just read it on an article (Haven't gone to the forums lately).
    I was checking the website at least once a day and saw the "Private Placement" changed to "Wallet App" and "Sign In" so I tried registering


    Hi Darkstorm,

    our engineer has made a few revision and it should work properly now.

    Can you try to register again to see whether you can receive the code properly?

    Please let me know about your updates.

    Thx a lot!


  8. On 2017/11/3 at 0:33 PM, DARKSTORM said:

    I am registering at LivesToken(LVT)
    Too bad I missed the Private Placement but I read it was only for a specific number of people. I just read it on an article (Haven't gone to the forums lately).
    I was checking the website at least once a day and saw the "Private Placement" changed to "Wallet App" and "Sign In" so I tried registering


    Got it, I'll have our engineers to take a look into this issue.

  9. On 2017/10/30 at 0:44 AM, DARKSTORM said:

    I'll skip your conversations
    The website updated but I can't sign up... returns invalid mobile number
    I would like to support(as a long time user of Maxthon :D) but depends

    Hi Darkstorm,

    I just emailed you (your personal gmail account) and also copied here to reply you regarding this issue:

    Sorry about the inconvenience, just wanna make sure who's the situation is.
    Can you help provide:
    1. Which website URL are you visited to sign up for LVT?
    2. Can you provide a screenshot of the "invalid number" notification? It could be that you select the wrong country number.
    3. We'll follow up with all the specific information you provided.
    4. It might be due to the fact that our private sale has ended. But we'll make sure that all Maxthon supporters get what he wants.
    Anyway, you can either reply here or through email if you're concerned with your privacy info. We'll help deal with it. 
    Thx a lot!


  10. 36 minutes ago, FB Purity said:

    i had a look at your posts tony, and found the one about cryptocurrency, it seems maxthon are concentrating on turning maxthon into a cryptocurrency money spinner... i guess thats why they dont have time to review extension updates

    oh well, if anyone wants the latest FB Purity update, they can always get it directly from http://install.fbpurity.com




    @FB Purity Thanks for your long-term support and uploaded extensions here and sorry for the long waiting 

    Actually, all of us have a long holiday so that we delayed in the auditing the extensions.The extension center staff will check the new extensions now! 

  11. 19 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    Hmmm, not working for me. Restarted my main browser (portable), and tested on a fresh portable version as well. Both give the same error as noted above. Tested using the default MX UA, checked and unchecked.

    Cookies and all site data was cleared using dev tools as well.

    The new UA pushed yesterday, and I have just tested, the music plays with Maxthon UA in ultra mode. Please try to back up the data and re-log in your account.

    1)Win+R,and input %appdata%, find the Maxthon5 folder. 


    2) Re-name the Maxthon5 folder

    3)Re-log in the MX account

    Does it work?



  12. 11 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    You're probably one of the many that won't care about it and therefore won't use it. That's your choice.

    As far as finding ways of creating revenue, that's what any smart business does. Whether this works out for them i guess we'll find out in time.

    As for the pot-kettle-black thing, I don't quite agree. If you're using the browser anyway and you get paid for the time spent, then it's win-win for both parties. With ads, rarely does the user benefit from them. Apart from the fact you're effectively taking money away from the site owner, they still get a hit on their site which i believe is what drives the payments of ads on sites.

    Really it's no different to something like microsoft's rewards scheme. The more you use Bing, the more points you're awarded. So you get points to spend on things (win), and they get your eyes on their search engine and away from googles (win). Seems Maxthon are doing the same thing just using a "real" currency instead of points. Although why the need to create another cryptocurrency i don't know, but i'm sure there's a reason behind it.

    Interesting debate to have though.

    You got a sharp mind Rob.

    And part or the main reason we're creating a new cryptocurrency without using an existing one is that we don't want the price/value of the token to be manipulated by others. If we, Maxthon, are the owner of the crypto, we can make sure to keep the price steady and grow reasonably without being manipulated by some speculators.



    22 hours ago, Tony said:

    i guess some will be interested but i cannot see the point - i use the internet for me not to generate money for myself or others - it seems at odds with built in adblockers - they are embedded by maxthon to block ads which websites add to generate revenue - maxthon are now proposing they add something that generates revenue for them - kettle calling the pan black it seems to me

    And Tony, yeah we understand your concern. And trust me it should do no harm to our users. You will still enjoy the best browser product & service we can possibly offer. And currently the project only has Maxthon Browser alone in it, but we're firm with the faith that more and more businesses will join in the near future to achieve the win-win situation for both users and biz, like what 7twenty explained. We believe Symbiosism Economy should be the next economy era and we're thrilled to embrace it.

  13. On 2017/9/4 at 7:14 PM, Tony said:

    i see - well in truth i dont - sounds like a follow up to the VIP status that came in a fanfare and died a death

    for the uninformed [me] give me a couple of sentence explanation - is this something like bitcoin which i know of but have no clue what it is - currency to me goes in my wallet or pocket - anything else is meaningless 

    It is kind of like Bitcoin, and LivesToken will be a real coin that you can deposit in a wallet and transfer to other's wallet. The major difference is how you get it. For LVT, it would be fairly simple by using Maxthon Browser and complete a few tasks(like browsing xx minutes per day, or so). 

    Of course after we got listed on exchanges you can purchase or sell out.

    20 hours ago, Ldfa said:

    Hi Ldfa, basically all cryptocurrency developer were affected by the new policy. But Maxthon was barely affected cause we're only planning to go through the private placement process and then trying to find for exchanges worldwide directly. It's actually a good step to remove all the bad guys from the industry.

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  14. 14 minutes ago, Tony said:

    so what is it in a few words - i gave up reading after a while the wall of info? just kept going and became meaningless - is this more floss for the browser like uumail - god i hope not - or will it be a new browser 


    Hi Tony,

    no need to worry. Maxthon Browser itself will basically stay the same, the only change is that you can get cryptocurrency reward(in our case, LivesToken) by using Maxthon Browser and doing certain things(for example, browsing xx minutes per day, etc.). We are aiming big and trying to achieve the idea of Symbiosism Economy through the new blockchain technology that we are developing.

    Stay tuned!


  15. [Private Placement]LivesToken(LVT) - 1st Blockchain To Implement Symbiosism System

    LivesToken(LVT) & Symbiosism Economy is about to launch Private Placement
    - in a word, you can get Tokens simply through use the Internet products in the near future! Developed and operated by Maxthon Browser’s core team, a worldwide popular browser that has hundreds of millions of users around the globe.

    Discuss with other investors & join our private placement at Bitcointalk.org: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2140417.0

    Feel free to join our Telegram group to discuss with other investors & receive the latest update of the project!
    Telegram Group invite link: https://t.me/joinchat/E-ue2w1NCPOj5y9GA3LUPw
    Or search “LivesToken — LVT” on Telegram directly.


    Symbiosism Chain & Symbiosism Economy
    The Symbiosism Chain is a new blockchain project that created by Jeff Chen, founder of Maxthon Browser, and its team. Its goal is to create a new business model based on the blockchain technology — Symbiosism Economy.

    The establishment of the Symbiosism Chain is due to Internet user’s value has long been ignored. In daily Internet using, users will go through process like account registrating, content creating, webpage browsing, commenting & sharing, online shopping and so on, which all created value. They all increased different website’s active rate, retention rate, and even paid conversion, but the user did not get any material reward from it.

    Symbiosism Chain is trying to put all Internet applications together to form a Symbiosism System. Symbiosism Chain is the new economic system that built in virtual network. In this system, consumers and businesses formed a ecological circle that based on mutual interests. In the ecological circle, each entity will be used as an anchor to track its contribution value and credit. And the benefit is obtained in the form of LivesToken(LVT) on a daily basis according to dynamic algorithm.

    The first step of Symbiosism Chain will be to launch a “browser + wallet + integrated application” system. The LivesToken(LVT) is the circulation token in the system.

    Today, under the increasingly fierce market competition, the market needs a new model that can benefit both business and user in order to solve the problem of product homogeneity, low customer loyalty, and high cost of user acquisition to eventually achieve the purpose of sustainable development. We call this period the era of Symbiosism Economy.

    The key point of the Symbiosism Economy is to quantify the behavior of users in the process of using the Internet, so that users’ behavior can finally generate economic value and gaining benefits for themselves. Thus, it can enhance the user loyalty and ultimately achieve the goal of mutual benefits, common and sustainable development of both businesses and users.


    LivesToken (LVT) allows users behaviors and the surfing time on Internet to produce real economic value. Businesses can enhance user activity by disseminating LivesToken, users can obtain LivesToken through the use of products.

    Users who possessed LivesToken can use it in the Symbiosism system for consumption. Businesses accessed to Symbiosism system can reward LVT to users as incentives, and ultimately achieve the common benefits of businesses and users.

    LivesToken is a bridge between businesses and users. It is the core product to promote the development of Symbiosism Economy.

    Symbiosism System’s Realization

    Symbiosism system is based on the blockchain technology, and the core is to generate an encrypted database for each node. The database consists of three parts: user general data (OpenID), user behavior data (users data generated on the network), and an encrypted book, which is used to record the contribution value, reputation value and transaction information of each terminal.

    Blockchain is one of the most revolutionary new technologies in recent years. Its essence is a decentralized distributed accounting system, and its core value is to allow individuals or organizations to establish trust in mutual cooperation with each other in the absence of authority supervision. In simple terms, the blockchain is a way of co-accounting through the network nodes to achieve a highly accurate and secure information distributed database, keep the data (blocks) in accordance with the chronological order of superposition (chain) to generate permanent record that can not be tampered. And thus establish a trusted network system.

    Symbiosism System & Maxthon Browser

    Maxthon Browser is a internetional product that has a hundred-million level user scale. Its users covers 242 countries around the globe. Maxthon browser will be the first to access the Symbiosism system and hence to become the first symbiosism concept product. Maxthon Browser’s hundreds of millions of users will be the first batch of beneficiaries of LivesToken(LVT).

    Maxthon Browser will be carrying Lives Wallet, and the user’s Internet usage time length, operating behaviors, and so on can all be converted into a certain number of LivesToken as an incentive. Users can use the Lives Wallet to query and manage the LVT he/she earned.

    Through earning LivesToken, Maxthon Browser’s user loyalty and active time can be effectively enhanced; Maxthon Browser’s user advantage can quickly increase the number of LivesToken holders, and facilitate the establishment of a decentralized network to promote the development of the Symbiosism Economy ecology.

    LivesToken’s Appreciation Logic

    Scarcity — LivesToken is based on the blockchain technology, which is similar to bitcoin. The total issue amount is fixed. With the passage of time it will become increasingly difficult to obtain the token.

    Circulation — Based on the huge number of users and businesses, LivesToken can be used as a normal currency. It can be traded in plenty of application scenarios.

    Ecology — Relying on Symbiosism Economy ecosystem, LivesToken has a strong survivability. With the growth of applications and the user scale, LVT’s premium capacity will increase too.

    LivesToken Appreciation Model

    Phase One: Tokens Possession & Popularity
    In the early stage, users create value in the symbiosism economy ecology, and then being assigned with LivesToken. Tokens began to spread among users.

    Phase Two: Booming Market
    With the number of LVT holders and the scale of circulation growth, a large number of consumption scenarios derived from the market into the consumer leading stage. Also, with the reduction of the reserved tokens, LVT entered into the scarcity phase. And the value of it began to rise.

    Phase Three: Tokens split and value detonated
    LVT reserve infinitely approaching to zero while the users’ access to LVT become increasingly difficult. The market’s demand for the token is still strong so that the token is in short supply. Then the token will split because of the scarcity and liquidity. One unit of token is divided into multiple, and LVT’s value detonated.

    Private Placement and Participation

    LivesToken(LVT) will be issued a total of 1 billion tokens, and the total private placement issue number will be 100 million LivesToken(LVT), accounting for 10% of LivesToken (LVT) total circulation. The minimum threshold of the private placement is 20 ETH, and no more than 500 ETH. The holding LivesToken will have a lockout period of six months, each month one-sixth of the holding token will be unlocked.

    - The Private Placement is open only to specific investors at a price of 1ETH greater or equals to 9333LVT
    **Specific rules and ladder pricing will be announced in our private placement website, please stay tuned(will update here as well).





























    Special bonus for Maxer investors! Join our Telegram group now to learn more(https://t.me/joinchat/E-ue2w1NCPOj5y9GA3LUPw)! Jeff will be there too!



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