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  1. Hi there, the video ads could not be blocked by the Adblock Plus. Regarding the Pinterest, could you let us know the version of your browser? We recommend you to use the latest beta version with the default User-Agent.

  2. On 4/5/2020 at 3:52 AM, DONG DONG said:

    why i can't change the back ground in mx6 ???

    You could add the various extensions about the theme or skin to customize the background. ?

    On 4/7/2020 at 6:50 AM, gmatas said:

    Is it possible to join MX6 Alpha testing group?

    Hi gmatas, thank you for your support.? But it seems that you didn't post any replies or discussions on our forum before?, do you have enough time to help us test the alpha version? 

    On 4/5/2020 at 3:52 AM, DONG DONG said:

    the side bar and maxthon's extensions too

    Our product team will consider keeping many functions as the extensions.?

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  3. Hello Maxers,

    Because of the forum update issue, some members could not reset the password or register the new account successfully. If you need any assistance with the account issue please feel free to contact us at huangshan@maxthon.net or send feedback on https://www.maxthon.com/mx/bug/post/. We will approve the new registration and change the password manually for you. 

    Thank for your support and understanding! :Smiling_Face_Emoji_with_Blushed_Cheeks_42x42:

    Kind regards,


  4. Yes, I installed you provided extension and updated it from the extension center.

    I recommend you press the keyboard "Win+R", enter "%appdata%", press the keyboard "Enter", to find the folder "Maxthon5", rename it then restart the browser.



    11 hours ago, Ryu said:


    Are there, perhaps, other adblockers besides Adblock Plus?

    ABP is nice but I have noticed that, after using the portable version of, it is not working as nicely as it used to and am seeing more ads appearing after installing ABP. I didn't change any settings on the add-on either, just installed and went on my merry way.


    Hi Ryu,

    Could you provide the specific URLs and screenshots of this issue? Did you enable the Adblock?

    Adblock Plus 1.pngAdblock Plus 4.pngAdblock Plus 2.png

  6. 7 hours ago, SnowLeopard said:

    Why not post and pin the 'skin file' in this board so all interested can try their hand?

    Just wondering what's the holdup?


    This package contains :

    mx5skin_edge: Edge skin resource files.

    mx5skin_tabdown: Skin resource files of moving tab down.

    MxFilePackage: The tool of packing skin file.

    build.dat: Batch tool.

    mx5.mxskin: Output file after running build.bat



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  7. On 1/13/2019 at 9:38 AM, Cute Little Ahri said:

    where are the skins, or atleast show us how to make skins, goddamn has this browser been given up on or something.

    I will send the skin file to you via private message.

  8. This extension last updated on 10/23/2014, and it is not available for the latest Maxthon 5, the dev team has helped solve this issue, would you like to update it? If you don't contact us in two weeks, we will remove it from Maxthon extension center and upload by our official account.

    If you can reach this author please help let him/her know. Thank you! :Smiling_Face_Emoji_with_Blushed_Cheeks_42x42:



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