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  1. + Added "set sticky title" to tab context menu
    + Added "Select location" to QA weather widget
    * Optimised QA page
    * Optimised address bar auto-complete feature
    ‒ Fixed "could not see complete update log" problem
    ‒ Fixed "Downloader menu displayed in wrong position" problem
    ‒ Fixed "Downloader showed after restoring main window" problem



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  2. Beta
    + Improved search speed of maxnotes
    + Improved downloader drop down menu
    + Improved QA page theme
    * Fixed "mouse scroll state problem" on QA page
    * Fixed " history page wasn't load while scrolling to the end" problem
    * Fixed " Dropped tab did not render" problem
    * Fixed " Delete downloaded file caused crash" problem
    * Fixed " Could not adjust video play window" problem


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  3. Beta
    + Improved location detection on QA page
    * Fixed "can't select search engine on QA settings" problem
    * Fixed "can't click top of the tab when browser is maximised" problem.
    * Fixed "switch account makes wrong theme colour " problem
    * Fixed "tab group context menu out of view " problem 
    * Fixed "inactive tab of classic theme show blurred text" problem
    * Fixed "sometimes browser crash on settings page " problem


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  4. On 11/26/2022 at 5:36 AM, 1bit said:

    In 2600, the same error: when automatically substituting the login and password on the site, an authorization error occurred.
    A wildcard username appears on the form's input button instead of "LOGIN".

    Hi 1bit, could you please provide the specific URL of this issue? It would be appreciated if you can provide a short video of it. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, SirNasso said:

    Also in the same game, there is a window about cookies, that can't be closed. See the attached image. It is in Bulgarian, so you might not understand what is written. But the small window on the top part is not closing upon pressing the X button. On other browsers and older versions of Maxthon it was working fine.

    Browser issue.jpg

    Hi BugSir006,
    No I'm still with It didn't auto update, and I still haven't updated it manually. Will try a bit later and let you know if it changes anything. But it was behaving like that quite a few versions back.

    If you still experience this issue in v6.2.0.2500, please send a short video of the issues to me.

    To record the video, you could use Bandicam. Download link: https://www.bandicam.com/

  6. 7 hours ago, nusul said:

    in fact it's not the application that crash, only the mouse gesture, and the interaction with the menu or the page (mouse wheel works)

    after 30sec, i can click again, change tabs, click url, etc... but no more gesture until restart

    so there is no crash file, since a crash 2 weeks ago, but it was the computer :)

    Hi nusul, could you please try this issue in the latest version

    Download link: https://github.com/aoyiteam/maxthon/releases/download/v6.2.0.2100/maxthon_6.2.0.2100_beta_x64.exe

    If you still experience this issue in v6.2.0.2100, please send a short video of this issue to me. 😊

  7. 1 hour ago, burianico said:

    Hello everybody. In maxthon 5, when I clicked on my favorite sites, the displayed tab remained white and the favorite sites opened to the right, from the first clicked (which was the most right) to the last clicked (which was the most left and close to the white card). In maxthon 6 I can't do the same, why? Thank you.

    Hi burianico, you mean the tab position? 

    Maxthon Snap20221010200245.png