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  1. Hi all, I play Farmville2 and some other zynga games, they work fine on maxthon using my old pc with win7 OS and an out dated flashplayer version, also with enable hardware acceleration. But when I play those games on my other pc with win8.1 OS and an update flashplayer version, they become crash and sometimes error script everywhere even I already disable hardware acceleration. I just want to know whether maxthon still not compatible to play flash games (especially zynga games) on newer pc with newer OS and newest flashplayer? Coz I'm sure nothing's wrong with my newer pc, those games work ok when I'm using other browser like chrome and firefox. Thanks for the enlightenment.
  2. 20-30 tabs? wow :L Are you sure open 20-30 tabs with other browsers can load completely in one click per tab? 'coz i'm using chrome to open many tabs when playing games and experienced the same problem with you