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  1. I still didnt receive email. And i think my email isnt registered in ur database vip users. About month before I registered my email, i have changed mymaxthon email address, i think this could be reason ;/
  2. Damn. When I say that is tells me that its only for vip users. THIS MEAN I HAVE DOWNLOADED IT, INSTALLED AND TRIED TO LOG IN WITH MY EMAIL AND PASSWORD. It woudnt tell it for vip users if i didnt do these steps, its logical. There is no problem that i didnt downloaded it..... as u think, there is problem that i didnt receive any message with activation link and i cant login... you get it now?
  3. It says it's only for VIP users. Just like my address wasn't registered. Actually I registered 3 addys. Noone of them received it.
  4. With due all respect. You mean all emails have been sent to all email addressses that have been registered. I still didn't receive any email. Please listen me. I didn't receive any email. ANY. Since I have registered my email address. I've used my email address that is already in use in maxthon passport. I remember my Maxthon number that I received when I registered my account. And also my email address. You can check if it matches
  5. I cannot log in. It says that its only for vip users. But I've registered my Vip! I didn't receive any email since I registered my email.......
  6. I registered in VIP3. So I was one of the earliest people in date order list. I registered my email that I use for my maxthon passport and I didn't get any confirmation email. I also registerd 2 other accounts to be sure that I get the VIP3. So when I registered emails that aren't used in maxthon passport, I got confirmation, but I didn't get the conf, for email that is already in maxthon passport. And Still. I didn't get any of download links as I was in VIP3. Can you check if my email is really in you database for MX5? My email address is the same as this account's.
  7. It looks like it's something big ;D Can't wait But I didn't receive any message. I only got email when I enter mail that hasn't been used for register maxthon passport. But when I enter mail from my maxthon passport I don't receive any email. Is it how it is suppose to work? Or I am doing something wrong? :C