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  1. 7twenty replied at 2015-2-1 05:03 Assuming that this is related to flash as you seem to point out - first, check that Maxthon is using ... Done and still got the error.. So, maybe it's not flash problem?
  2. I already update adobe flash player to the last version, rename NPSWF32_16_0_0_296.dll to pepflashplayer.dll but still got the same error
  3. Is there anyone here experience Error 500: Response never closed when open some url using maxthon? FYI, I already tested open the same url with other browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera) and they work ok. I want to use maxthon because maxthon is lighter and faster than the other browsers, unfortunately I don't know how to fix this issue because I don't know which part that contains error. Please help.. I use maxthon on windows 8.1. Thank you in advance.
  4. Dinataspace replied at 2015-1-30 02:06 Well, Have you ever tried the MX Nitro and check the close tab button behaviour on there? The clos ... What is MX Nitro? I'm just looking for light and simple skin. Anyway thanks for your concern, I've decided to use Nitro green tree.
  5. Dinataspace replied at 2015-1-19 21:23 Hi, thanks for your feedback. Can you be more specific? Or maybe you have an idea to make somethin ... They disappear when I hover them. Maybe because the hover colour is the same with status bar text colour.
  6. Can you make the hover x to close tab not transparent colour? Thank you
  7. Light skin but the status bar on white version is too creepy :funk: