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  1. It hasn't been removed, looks valid to me!

    and we haven't even seen the rtm yet


    Edit: I can't like your posts!

    Yes, Tony had that problem yesterday also.  But I just "Liked" your post with no problem.

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  2. Here's one thing I'm having trouble digesting. M$ clearly stated that win10 would be free, for the first year. That's all I've ever heard from M$(oh, and those with pirated copies will have to purchhase), except from blogs and sites like engadget and theverge(well, I guess everyone). They seem to be leading people on about how Win10 will be completely free.

    Yeah, what I want is a google approach and have it supported by ads!


    Larry, don't type, speak your search for apps. Well maybe not yet....but it's supposed to be coming! :)

    It's only going to be free for those with Windows 7 or 8.1 PC's.  And yes, when I can talk to Cortana and have her open an app for me and call whomever on my phone, I'll be turned into one lazy retiree.   :titter:

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  3. And now I hear that Cortana is going to be made available for Android and iOS.  And I agree with ntzphyr, that I don't see why you can't configure the Start to your liking.  The stuff I use constantly is pinned to my Task Bar and anything else I need to open, I just click in the Search box and type it and click to open.  Can't get much easier, unless you are searching for some program you don't have installed.  It's just like anything else.  It just takes a little bit of getting used to and a little digging around and before you know it, you'll be saying "wow why didn't they think of this before?"

  4. not looked at Cortana - is that the speech thing - not seen the browser - Spartan? - it opens and shuts down - no idea if its a work in progress but would not use it anyway i think


    start bar? do you mean start menu - have looked - prefer classic shell - waiting for startisback  

    If you are having problems with Spartan, you have a corrupted file.  I had the same problem, but much worse.  It downloaded automatically yesterday and nothing worked so rolled back to 10122 and it was even worse.  Couldn't get the start menu, couldn't access any settings, basically nothing worked, so downloaded the ISO for 10074 and did a clean install and re-downloaded 10130 and now everything is working like a charm, except on my Surface Pro 3 can't find any bluetooth stuff, the Edge mouse or my Lumia 1520.  No big deal though.


    You are right, start menu is still resizable, that's good. It was so laggy and problems with it's opening appeared in this new build, so it looks like it is not possible.
    I don't like that white color as a "main color", it really hurts my eyes and in my opinion it reduces readability.Everything is melted together, there is no difference between the header and the content area. But someone likes, I have no problem with that. I just thing there should be always an option, a choice. Let the user decide…
    I've submitted few requests and bug reports few builds ago and nothing was improved or fixed, so my experience with Microsoft isn't better. I hope they will finally stop experimenting and start optimizing.


    Change your colors in Personalization.


  6. Well, Microsoft's feedback platform is quite mess, everyone is posting his ideas and bug reports are multiplied.

    But finaly some improvements are becoming slightly visible. Unfortunately as previously mentioned, UI is still very inconsistent and if problem occures, it's harder to solve it, because necessary options were removed from the control panel or they have been moved somewhere else. One of the things I really don't like is the width of the taskbar if you move it to the left side of the screen, it's still the same, probably nobody noticed that. And distribution of updates...well, I don't want to be rude :)

    Did someone found out how to disable lockscreen? I don't need it - my device doesn't even have touchscreen…

    I don't know about anyone else, but I've submitted feedback about something being broken and within days, an update came through that fixed it.

  7. What the hell?! They have removed that nice option to resize the Start menu! It was the only thing which made sense… And everything is now even more white than ever before. The only good thing is that they have removed ugly red and purple flashing transitions from installation.

    You can still stretch it like you do with other windows and make it the size you want.  And it's also a setting in Personalization.

  8. Now how is MS going to know that their implementation is crap if you go and replace it with something else :p


    (apart from the fact you replaced it entirely lol)


    So has everyone here using the previews been leaving feedback? I've left a few, mostly just little things like the start search situation which has since been neatened up.

    I have been leaving tons of feedback on both the PC and my Surface Pro 3.  Seems they aren't working exactly the same.  On one, something works, but on the other it doesn't.  Now I need an update on my Lumia 1520.  My People app stopped working, so I can't call anyone if I don't have them pinned to the start screen.  Well, maybe that's a good thing.   :titter:

  9. So far, there's only one issue with this build.  If you are using an AMD GPU you're likely to run into frequent crashes in Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan)\\


    The following from Microsoft:


    "This build is a bit more stable and polished than the last one, which is to be expected as we begin to stabilize for the public release this summer.  From here on out you'll see fewer big feature changes from build to build, and mor tuning, tweaking, stabilizing, and polishing.  The Insider Previews continue to be aimed at very technical people wo want to play with pre-released code, but I think you'll feel more and more comfortable using this build and future buildes on your day to day systems."

  10. I haven't been able to find NPSWF32(or64?) on win10, I checked system32  folder, wow64, but neither Macromed folder has the file. And you're right, M4 doesn't seem to find it on its own.


    Microsoft employee version 10120 is expected this week or next with more refinement to the start menu and perhaps Microsoft Edge will be in tow too!

    10122 was released today.  Still downloading.

  11. rollkers-6.png

    Ever find that you could use a little extra pep in your step when walking around? French startup Rollkers can help. The company offers a set of motor-powered "under shoes" that slide around your sneakers and give you a few extra mphs of forward momentum.

    Rollkers is still finalizing its design, so it hasn't released all the specs. It does say that the mobility accessories are powered by 1,000-mAh lithium-polymer batteries that offer up to two hours of run time. Each skate features a small electric motor and four oversized wheels designed to handle rough surfaces. The electronic stabilization system keeps you on your feet and moving forward, while the articulated heel allows for natural walking when not skating.

    Rollkers hopes to have its design ready for licensing by the end of 2015, with commercialization starting next year.


    Good heavens, I'm lucky I can stand on my own two feet.   :titter: If I tried these, I'd be on my back in no time.   :p  :twisted:

  12. I haven't been able to find NPSWF32(or64?) on win10, I checked system32  folder, wow64, but neither Macromed folder has the file. And you're right, M4 doesn't seem to find it on its own.


    Microsoft employee version 10120 is expected this week or next with more refinement to the start menu and perhaps Microsoft Edge will be in tow too!

    After I posted yesterday, I looked around and found  They are getting those new builds out fast and furious, well, at least for those on the "Fast" cycle, which means that a final might just be out before July.


    Edit:  Edge is already set as the default engine in IE.  Check in about:flags

  13. I think I mentioned that Flash doesn't work on the Windows Phones.  Never has, not even with the newest build 10080 of the other day.  It works just fine on the PC's without any messing around though.  The new build for Windows Phones is really nice.  Only one thing left that they need to fix and that is the OneDrive App.  Didn't work in the previous build and still doesn't and that is one app I use all the time.  A couple other things that were a bother were some apps had to be re-downloaded, but that wasn't too bad.  Media center is being replaced by two different apps, the Music Preview and the Video Preview and they both work very nice on the PC and Phone.  


    It's slowly coming together and I think it's going to attract a lot of naysayers who were really bashing Microsoft.  There's still a couple little things they need to address that seem to have a problem on my Surface Pro 3, but work fine on the PC, but I'm sure with all the feedback I've been sending, they'll get it fixed.   :titter:


    Have you tried the "Hey Cortana" yet?  Neat, isn't it?

  14. Sorry about that, I accidentally deleted this thread while removing a spam !  :(


    So here's a summary : there's a cookie issue with the forum

    • each time we close the browser, we have to resign
    • If you leave the forum open after several hours, if you do a refresh : you have to resign
    • issue occurs wathever browser you use (ie, chrome, etc..)
    • if you use different accounts on PCs that share the same IP, signing with one account disconnects the other

    at the moment devs are working on it ! so please be patient  :)

    I think they have it fixed because when I came back after being gone for several hours, I was still signed in.

  15. More than that, when the old forum goes READ ONLY is a few days, no member new or old will be able to post a reply to un-hide hidden links.



    Ok, we are all aware of that and -ody- has contacted the author about uploading the skins to this new forum and it will be up to that person whether they will do it or not, so just sit back and relax and wait for the results.

  16. Thanks, Oky, for opening ways to update the posts with linked files to download.  But there are some threads that did not get imported from the old SKI?NS forum.  I'm thinking of Dr. W.. Wang's Spartan Skin for one.  Can threads such as these still be imported to this section or any other section?



    Go to the old forum and download from there.

  17. actually if you have a rice field it will probably be enough to light your house !

    more seriously I've read 0.5 w/m² (a led), enough to enlight the path around your pond :titter:

    Well, first I need a pond.   :titter:

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  18. Anyone else suffer the same problem? It's been bugging me as well.

    There are some systems that, even though you have everything set correctly, usernames and passwords will not be remembered.  For example, there are a couple of banks that I use that don't do it and yes, it is aggravating.  Don't know if your University does that, but that may possibly be the answer to your problem.