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  1. whats the latest build Larry - i played with an early release and thought it pretty good and i think its moved on a bit since then 


    just sorted a 64bit laptop out of a couple of faulty ones so might have another look


    i think i am in some sort of program with Microsoft where i can download it - have to look where from as i have not bothered much

    The latest build was just released today, build 10074.  If you still have it on your laptop, just open up Settings and then on "Update & Security" and it will find the updates.  It will take quite a bit of time, so let it run for however long it takes.

  2. was it not always so - i wont be around in 30 years but what we have today will look just as antique to those looking back

    Yes and it will always be that way forever and ever.  Some of it has been good, but some, well, I'm not so sure if it's good or bad.  A lot of it has taken away the personal relationships that used to be.

  3. -ody- replied at 2015-4-11 10:35

    yes it's exactly how I did, though it does not work.. for some reason lol ! I tried to delete the ...


    It's the witch in you that's preventing it from working. ;P

  4. 7twenty replied at 2015-4-7 17:32

    hmmm, i'm almost the exact opposite. I leave my PC on 24/7, only gets turned off if i'm out of town. ...


    That's the beauty of Windows 10, it boots up in seconds. No waiting around for 10 to 15 minutes for everything to load. But yes, letting it go to sleep consumes negligable amounts of electricity.

  5. odyssee replied at 2015-4-10 01:07 back.gif

    yes he had the idea and he did it... ( maybe I pushed him a little )

    please dear No1Maxt ...

    Well, OK, only because it's you, beautiful witch, I won't ban you. :loveliness: But that other guy better watch out. :curse:

    -ody- send him to maxthon philippines !

    Well, now there's an idea. ;P :shutup:

  6. odyssee replied at 2015-4-9 16:08 back.gif

    as you can see, Tony alone decided to post this in off topics, I just tried to educate him

    he ...

    AHA! And here tony was trying to come off as real "ethical" by not wanting to post your PM's and it was his idea after all. Well, I'm extending your ban until 5 minutes from now. :lol:shutup:

  7. odyssee replied at 2015-4-9 14:22 back.gif

    just because I could not post it on french forum (language barrier)

    As a very strict Global Moderator, you both are violating the rules and regulations of the "Off Topic" forum and are hereby BANNED (from posting "crap" like this.) ;P;P;P

  8. tony. replied at 2015-4-7 11:48 back.gif

    ahhh but

    Although the technology shows promise, it's unlikely to be featuring in our smartphones an ...

    What makes it any different than the smelting of all the aluminum in use now?

  9. Yes, I shut down all my computers at night. And every day I print out a crossword puzzle to work on when I'm in the "library" and I always return the sheet of paper to the printer to print on the other side. All of my electronic devices that have a "standby" are completely shut off when not in use. I prefer to take the extra few minutes to let them reboot than to let them waste energy.

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  10. odyssee replied at 2015-4-1 05:30 back.gif

    that's great lol ! I love it

    do you remember those times when we didn't have cell phones ? when ...

    I know what you mean odyssee. When I was in Mexico, I didn't even think about turning on the computer or checking my phone. I was too busy visiting with all my friends. What a treat that was.

  11. 7twenty replied at 2015-3-31 17:19 back.gif

    I hear what you're saying, and I agree with that. But who said they can't make it pleasing to the ...

    Well, then maybe it's just me, but I don't see anything else but the Start Menu. Only because you mentioned it and it shows in my screen shot am I aware it exists. My concentration focuses on exactly what I'm looking for and nothing else. But I guess not everyone thinks or sees like I do. Oh, and I love the Spell-correction in the Spartan browser. :victory:

  12. Zugi replied at 2015-3-31 09:49 back.gif

    I just don't like these new UIs. It's all awfully stretched and the design is created mainly for peo ...

    It's called progress Zugi. Some people enjoy using the latest technology, others don't. If you are one of those who don't, then you just stick with what you are comfortable with.

  13. 7twenty replied at 2015-3-31 08:00 back.gif

    Notice how the search results replace the start menu items in Win7?

    Notice how the search results ...

    Boy you really are picky then. ;P You pay too much attention to extraneous information that is displayed. When I search, I want to see the results of my search - period. I don't care what else is behind it or beside it or anywhere near it. All I'm interested in is did it find what I'm looking for.:lol As far as the Search on the Taskbar, that's more for Cortana than anything else.

    The following is just an observation of mine and not directed at anyone in particular. It's like people who post about the Red Dot and they demand that Maxthon do something to stop it from appearing. What, do they sit there all day and just stare at the red dot and obsess about it? Ignore it. It's as simple as that. Or people who want a screen saver running. Do they sit there all day and just stare at the screen saver? If they do, they need a different hobby.;P Everyone has their quirks and I guess that's what makes the world go around.

  14. 7twenty replied at 2015-3-31 07:17 back.gif

    Remember the builds we get aren't hot off the press. Just because there is a bug in this version, do ...

    I don't see your point about search from the Start Menu between Windows 7 and Windows 10. Here are screen shots of both.


    Or am I just missing your point?;P