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  1. Oliver One replied at 2015-4-5 09:01 back.gif

    This software is no longer supported, and an exploit was found in it! ...

    Thanks for Your answer.

    But with another program I got the same message - here's the link :

    The message results - so I think - with Adblock and the domain Chip -or????

    When I used IE there are no messages!

    Hoping for an answer.

    With regards : Martin

  2. Hi,

    in the last days i got often the message

    Kann diese Adresse nicht öffnen

    Dem Protokoll chrome-extension ist kein Programm zugeordnet

    Translate :

    Can not open this address

    To the protocol chrome-extension is no program associated

    Is there anybody who can help?

    Thanks in advance : Martin

  3. Hi,

    I have a lot of favorites (too much) - but I don't want to delete them all.

    But when I'm starting with Maxthon (= execute Max.) I want to load only a few favorites - and when it is necessary then load some other librarys (containing favorites).

    How can I manage this?

    Hoping for Your solution (answer)

    With regards : Martin