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  1. I use Chrome for business browsing and Maxthon for personal browsing. The benefit of these 2 browsers over the rest is that they actively backup and synch your favorites thus moving to new computers and systems is a breeze, having recently moved to Linux Ubuntu, I know this first hand. Why anyone would want to use a browser which has been in lock down for a couple of years and wound not even allow you to add new favorites which is the case with Opera is beyond me. The new Opera is I fear for many too little too late and that is certainly the case for me. Sad to hear Maxthon is having issues keeping itself updated, as I am starting to notice little bugs creeping in, like I cannot add new favorites since the latest Ubuntu updates and it no longer works well with many website drop down menus. However I am going to stick with Maxthon and hopefully all will be resolved and not go the way of Opera, a browser that could have rocked the world if only it had timely developer support.