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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the inconvenience.

    Is the problem confined with all websites you visit or some specific websites?

    Would you uninstall your current browser and reinstall it again to see if everything goes back to normal?

    Please try and let us know what happens.


  2. Hello Zugi,

    Actually this behavior is by design, it's not a bug. Once "Upload to my cloud" option is selected the browser will automatically upload the downloaded file to the cloud. If the option is not selected then the file won't be uploaded to the cloud.

    Hope you understand this behavior.

    However, i do understand and support your idea. I'll pitch it to our team to see what they think.:)

    Thanks for your support!

  3. Hi guys,

    Here on my end i also conducted a test with the website but i couldn't reproduce the mentioned issue.

    The titles are displayed as expected. nothing is missing.

    You guys can clear your browser cookies and cache files then try again.

    Also you can log out you browser account and give the website a try again.

    Thanks for your support!



  4. DARKSTORM replied at 2014-10-25 14:54 back.gif

    Had a problem like this alike but not only in one site but every site, I click a link, another link ...


    Happy to hear that you found out the solution.

    What addons were causing this issue please? We'll conduct a test to see what is going wrong.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks for your support!