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  1. Hi spideyhuman,

    Happy to have here.

    To download youtube videos you can use Maxthon's Resource Sniffer . This is a smart tool which recognizes the different types of media files on the webpages and allow bulk download of them.

    You can find Resource sniffer icon at the right of the address bar.

    Another way to download youtube video to hover the mouse over the video for short peiod, a small toolbar appears at the upper right corner of the video.It has a popup and a Save button what actually is a menu.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.


  2. Dardwizzle replied at 2015-1-28 14:45 back.gif

    Sure, I can log out of Maxthon, run some tests, log back in run some tests. Problem is, I don't kn ...

    I asked you to log out of your Maxthon account, because i suspect your browser settings.

    Logging out of your account will reset Maxthon to default and no additional extensions will be influencing the browser performance...

    Just want to confirm whether your problem is not related to your browser settings.

    Thanks! :)

  3. Hi Range,

    Glad to have you here.

    Thank you for using our browser.

    Really sorry for this inconvenience.

    Since we can not change the UI of Notepad++ , it would be better if you asked Notepad++ to support Maxthon, provide a shortcut to run in Maxthon.

    The only way to run in Maxthon is to go to Run/browse the program to run and chose Maxthon:)

    I hope this method works.


  4. Hi laffin_boy,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Sorry for the inconvenience you encountered.

    In order to provide you with an accurate help, would you please give us more details on the problem you are having?

    What is happening?

    We'll be more than happy to help you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Have a nice time.

  5. gexxy replied at 2015-1-25 10:28 back.gif

    no help from developers nor users....

    Hi gexxy,

    Really sorry for the inconvenience.

    I have been reading through all the instructions provided by users on your problem...

    Right now, I'm not quite sure what might be causing your problem.

    I would like to know where you are downloading Maxthon browser, is it from the forum?

    I suggest that you turn off all your antiviruses and other softwares that may conflict with Maxthon download and installation, and uninstall everything related to Maxthon (but remember to keep your favorites backup)and go to the latest version link in the forum and download it and install it. Please do not log in at the first launch of the browser.

    Try this and let us know what you get.


  6. Hi Tiamarth,

    Sorry for the inconvenience you encountered.

    I would like to help you, but i couldn't stream hulu video due to my location.

    Anyway, it is recommenced to enable only the filter you need, enabling to many filter may negatively affect your browsing experience.

    If you have added the correct domain hulu.com to white list but the problem still exists, then you may disable ADB under Filter lists by unticking the "Enable Adblock Plus" checkbox to see if it effective.

    I hope this approach is helpful to you.

    Thanks for your support for Maxthon.

  7. Hi GRC1,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    As v asked above, do you find a magic fill file back up in the directory he mentioned?

    If convenient, please let us know which page that are not supported by Magic fill?

    We'll be more than happy to help you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Have a nice time.

  8. Hi UFO106

    Thanks for reporting this problem.

    On my side i reproduced the same issue at the first time, after a while i tried to test again but i could see the problem anymore. Weird!

    As you can see in the below image i'm already on the second occurrence, and the find in page box is still there.:)

    Anyway, I'll put this issue on the list for more investigation.

    Thanks for your support.

    Have a nice time.



  9. Hi michelem,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Really sorry for this inconvenience.

    Here on my end, i can confirm the same issue. Drag and drop feed folder to a new position in the list does not work in Maxthon Ultra mode. It seems to be working fine i Retro mode though.

    You ca temporarily switch to Maxthon Retro mode( by clicking the yellow lightning bolt icon located on the right side of the address bar ). See below image.

    At the same time , I'll put this issue on the list of reported BUGs.

    Please stay tuned for future versions of Maxthon.

    Thanks for your support.

    Have a nice time.:)



  10. Hello guys,

    Really sorry for this inconvenience.

    I have checked myself and i can confirm that the check for update function is not working as expected.

    Actually, we only push final versions to users, Betta versions are not pushed.

    However i can still confirm that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

    I have already notified our product team about this issue in order to find a quick solution.

    Thanks you guys for your patience and support of Maxthon.

  11. Hi MarkStrobel3367,

    Glad to talk to you.

    Really sorry. At the moment, Maxthon settings does not provide an option to customize the page that opens when you click the "New Tab"button. However you can customize the speed dials in the Quick Access page. I'm not sure if it's that you want.

    I will pass your feedback to our product team to see what they think.

    Thanks for your support of Maxthon.

    Have a nice time.

  12. Hi guys,

    According to Adblock plus, the effect of EasyList should generally not be noticeable, there is a slight slowdown but too small to notice. In some unusual cases this might be different.

    In Maxthon ABP Filter lists, we strongly recommend the filter lists you actually need. Enabling too many lists may negatively affect your browsing experience.

    If you have added some custom lists, please make sure they follow Adblock Plus filter syntax