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  1. Thanks, it worked. Another question: do you plan to make it possible to select an avatar for a bookmark in the form of a site image in the quick access panel, as it was in version 5.xx? It is very comfortable!!
  2. Good day. OK I understood. Question: If I want to completely migrate from Maxthon 5 to Maxthon 6, how do I import ALL bookmarks from Maxthon 5 to Maxthon 6 correctly?
  3. Good day. Long ago I noticed that the number of links in the "Bookmarks" panel (1) is significantly less than in the "Maxnote" panel (2). Because the links in the Bookmarks panel were refreshed the very first time I installed maxton 6 and were not updated there anymore. Updated only in the "Maxnote" window. When will this error be fixed? And also, when is it planned to make it possible to set the root folder for the bookmarks bar?
  4. Good afternoon! 1. When will the ability to set the root folder in Bookmarks be added, as it was in version 5.x? 2. When will the speed of synchronization of bookmarks be adjusted? In this version, synchronization takes several hours. 3. Will it be possible to put a screenshot of the site in the "quick launch"?
  5. Please make it possible to display icons in quick launch in the form of screenshots of sites, as in version MX5. And also make it possible to change the quick launch grid. So that it could be done on 6 columns, and 8, or 10 for example. Thank!