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  1. Why don't we ask directly to whatsapp? some kind of "class action" I mean, we can ask to support at whatsapp dot com, with a common email... for example: subject: web.whatsapp.com for Maxthon Browser Text: Dear sirs, good morning. We are a group of enthusiastic users of the browser "Maxthon", a well featured browser which is gaining positions in the rank of browser due to its excellence. We saw that web.whatsapp.com works smoothly on the Chrome, Fierfox and Opera browsers, and we are wondering if it's possible for you to implement the possibility to use it smoothly also on Maxthon, assuming that the rendering of the pages can be done accordingly different kit of renderers. We would be absolutely glad of it, and we could support in the best way we can. thanks for the kind feedback you could send to us, via email or directly onto Maxthon forum (dedicated topic http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-14684-1-2.html) Signature (everyone puts its own ;P) what about this idea?
  2. I asked to hola developers a few days ago.. but I didn't get even one reply concerning vpn, thanks for the hints, they are absolutely useful.. but the idea is to watch local italian tv shows via browser: the extra vpn software is good, but much more comfortable to have an extesion.. also because - as far as I understand - the extension for mac is working both for chrome and for maxthon, so maybe the development won't be such.. resources hungry and the extension for chrome is so.. smooth, that it's ABSOLUTELY a pity not to have it for maxthon, too let's wish they will listen to us ;) thanks and ciao ale
  3. Ciao a tutti (hello to everybody) I am an italian guy living abroad, and I would need, for watching some italian tv contents, the extension of Hola.org Anyone has the same needing? I don't want to install Chrome or Firefox, because Matxhon is the one and only, but this extension would help me a lot thanks in advance and regards to all Alex Marillo