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  1. Thank you for the answer. I know. I clicked after add the custom search engine. But the problem is not the default custom search engine. As I already stated in my post; the rest of them does not show up. Please refer to the picture 1-4. No matter which custom search engine choose as a default, the rest of the custom search engines not show up. 2nd problem; If the newly added custom search engine chosen as default, I cannot search from address bar. Writing the search term and press enter sometimes work sometimes not (especially not work after restarting MX6).Refer to the picture 5-6 For example: * If I select and copy something from any website or from clipboard or enter manually (word, sentence....) (e.g. "cloud storage"), then "Paste and search for" option (right click to address bar) grayed out (although not working for new default custom search engine either). But if it is website address then it is working. Writing search term in an address bar and hit enter do not work. But if it is a website address then it is working as it shoal be (e.g. "https://en.wikipedia.org).Please refer to picture 7-10. 3rd problem: If I select a word or sentence in the web page and drag and drop, MX6 doesn't open new tab and search. If I Drag and drop to the address bar, MX6 does paste it to address bar but, hitting enter does nothing. Refer to picture 11 *But if, dragged and drooped item is a link, then MX6 opens the new tab and go to the address as it should be. Refer to picture 12.
  2. Hello, In MX5, Customized search engine results can be appear horizontally (my favorite) or vertically whether search term entered via search box or address bar. And also search engines can be dragged to organized differently. Can you please add this option to MX6. This was so easy to search same term in different search engines with just 1 click. Thank you . Thank you for your efforts.
  3. Hello, I want to report a bug about Search engines. As you know only first 5 of the search engines show up in the list in drop-down list as a default. New customized search engines doesn't show up in the drop-down list in search box. I delete the default search engines Yahoo, Duckduckgo etc. and add Google.com and others. But then only shows the default engine, rest of them doesn't seem to show up in the list.