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  1. Title suggests all. I open multiple MX windows to keep my workflows separate. The problem is with Restore functionality. All these opened windows have a shared restore list. With this, if I close a tab in one window, it will be appear in other windows' restore list as well. The problem here is it becomes difficult to keep track for my different workflows. Is it possible to have a different restore list for each windows? I do like that we can restore multiple tabs from (accidentally) closed window - keeping this functionality would be great at the same time.
  2. In my case, I am running Version (64-bit) 0730. I have some extensions running. I will try running without them and see if this happens to me. Like I said, this is not that frequent for me. In regards to extensions, I believe there must be some memory optimization for this extensions right?
  3. I will concur with others. In my case, it was rare 1-2 times in 30 days. It is typically exaggerated with having multiple windows and tabs left open. I think it is about memory and GPU related issues. Additionally, page loads had deteriorated for me - very unhappy.
  4. Coming back to this problem... I experienced this again i.e. having slower page load for all websites. I realize this happens: When I have multiple tabs and windows open AND MX6 window is open for 3-4 days continuously. When MX6 window is open for 3-4 days continuously. I assume this is probably due to memory or caching (I am no expert) but my CPU remains around 15%, available RAM around 18Gb (total 32Gb). While using MX5 at the same time - no problems!! Upon restarting MX6, the problem resolves.
  5. I am aware of this. In this, when there are multiple MX6 windows, they all have the same restore list. Shouldn't each window maintain their own separate restore list? Side note: I like the option to restore a set of tabs (ex: accidentally closely an entire window) Could you describe these issues in detail? It would be appreciated if you could provide us screenshots or a video for them. mx://note/ <---- This does maintain the order per user selection, but not the pop-out MX Note May I know which one could not be deleted? The default engine could not be deleted, you could mark another one as the default then try to delete again. Notice: 1. There are search engines that I never added 2. Trying to delete Last Pass engine, delete something else. 309147214_Desktop2021_07_07-17_41_04_04.mp4 I tried to test this issue but haven't reproduced it. Could you provide me a video of it? This is not a big deal but here. I think that's how this interface was meant. 1628867676_Desktop2021_07_07-16_48_06_02.mp4
  6. Version6.1.2.1801(64-bit)0702 Download Manager: Option to get rid of older folders Restore across Windows: Multiple windows of MX6 share restore functionality MaxNote Need Compact Left (Note List) - unnecessary space consumption Notes - No Option to have internal text spaced appropriately - large spaces between lines Ordering for Notes - there seems to be an option to order but the changes never get reflected Split-Window (F10): Cannot drag another tab into 2nd pane Pin Tab: I assume this locks the tab from closing. Middle click closes the tab regardless. Search Engines: Weird search engines are automatically added, while some cannot be deleted. Favorite Bar: Dragging favorite INTO folder doesn't work
  7. Below snapshot from Brave & Vivaldi. I might be wrong but I think there is an option for 'regular fields' on page as well. Only reason, this is important to me is because, I am an instructor and I share my screen with my students. Forms often reveal sensitive information.
  8. Thanks for response, It is on and off with slow page load. It is difficult for me to reproduce it. I work on AWS console daily. When I encounter slow page load on MX6, I switch to MX5 and it doesn't have any delays. I will try to video this and reply back here.
  9. Version Chrome & other chromium browsers have Disable Autofill suggestions. Given that MX6 is chromium-based, can we have this implemented? Can I do this temporarily through mx flags or something? Thanks
  10. Version I experience a slow load time for multiple websites. I use aws.amazon.com quite a lot and the pages load time is like 5 sec. If I do the same activity through MX5, it is loads as expected. Can you guys look into it? How can I help? Thanks
  11. I search the forum but I didn't see any discussion on this. Is the information 'securely' stored on Quicknote? Is the content properly encrypted or is it just plaintext? Thanks
  12. I search the forum but I didn't see any discussion on this. Is the information 'securely' stored on Quicknote? Is the content properly encrypted or is it just plaintext? Thanks
  13. I am looking for a text highlighter extension that can remembers highlights next time when you open the page again; something like http://liner.link/ One that can saves and export highlights. Any suggestions. Thanks