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  1. QuickNote features need some optimizations: Pop-up QuickNote does not have any sorting mechanism. It should have sorted by Name, Date Created, Date Modified with A-Z/Z-A and Custom* Custom Sorting would be very helpful - users can drag-n-drop notes (internally, set up an sorting index that would be updated based on d-n-d). Very Poor Text Editor Tools Indentation works poorly Links are not easy to setup (perhaps key shortcut or auto-detection) and very difficult to open. Spaces between lines work poorly - sometimes, there is extra space and sometimes there is isn't. Add Bullet list, Check list. Similar to this forum settings would be great! Side Pane Add Icons to change folder, delete note, view trash quickly at bottom right (like the one for adding note) No Need for list generation at the bottom if it is in the side Adjustable width for side pane Change Folder windows is way too small and cannot be moved or size-adjusted.
  2. Simple fix needed but yet unresolved.
  3. 1. Restore List is ridiculously narrow 2. MaxNote Popup doesn't have any sorting mechanism.
  4. I need some space...to move my windows 😁 There is very little space between 'new tab' option and 'customize ui' option. Add more please.
  5. This is plain chromium - Not sure how you want me to run this one - with or without extensions.
  6. Yes, status bar is active. Don't remember version but encountering this for around 3 weeks or so. I update to newer versions in hours. I am gonna try disabling status bar and see.
  7. Adblock, Dark Reader, Imagus, Enhanced Image Viewer, LastPass, SnapScreen, Video Speed Controller, Weava Highlighter
  8. In my case, I am running Version (64-bit) 0730. I have some extensions running. I will try running without them and see if this happens to me. Like I said, this is not that frequent for me. In regards to extensions, I believe there must be some memory optimization for this extensions right?
  9. I will concur with others. In my case, it was rare 1-2 times in 30 days. It is typically exaggerated with having multiple windows and tabs left open. I think it is about memory and GPU related issues. Additionally, page loads had deteriorated for me - very unhappy.
  10. I am looking for a text highlighter extension that can remembers highlights next time when you open the page again; something like http://liner.link/ One that can saves and export highlights. Any suggestions. Thanks