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  1. Dr.W.Wang


    loooping8 replied at 2014-6-20 22:44 I wish to have a knowledge like you about skins my friend !! thanks, my friend
  2. Dr.W.Wang


    SnowLeopard replied at 2014-6-21 01:02 Ok, thanks for the information about the background image modification. i don't have Photoshop to ... 8805 I moved the quicktools to the statubar at first, but I find it is not good, so I hide it, I also want to find good way to solve this issue
  3. Dr.W.Wang


    SnowLeopard replied at 2014-6-20 08:55 Reeally, really beautiful skin. I asked; you delivered. Now I have what may be a feasibility ques ... wow, so very long reply. it is a big challenge for my poor English! so pls forgive me if I comprehend the words in a wrong way. The questions you metioned maybe difficult in maxthon , and my knowledges about the skin making is just so so. I am a doctor, I have no much knowledge about the html and css and js.and I am a total new maxthon skin maker,.but I would try, and find whether have the solution. The Main menu I just mod the background image and did not change any code thanks for your reply, thanks
  4. Dr.W.Wang


    BugSir007 replied at 2014-6-20 00:59 Thank you very much for sharing. It's a beautiful skin! thank you, bugsir
  5. Dr.W.Wang


    SpringWang replied at 2014-6-19 23:54 beautiful Skin thank you~
  6. Dr.W.Wang


    SaphirJD replied at 2014-6-19 07:43 Hopefully a black skin appears soon, since that is the only color my eyes accept Anyway, you are ... thanks very much,I think it can appear soon!BTW,I just a total new maxthon skin maker, I have no much knowledge about the skin making.
  7. Dr.W.Wang


    Share a skin I made, Wide screen maybe better!! ************************************************************************************ Pcitures preview: 8722 8720 8721 8718 8722 8720 8721 PS:THE BLACK VERSION ALMOST DONE, BUT SOME DETAILS MUST BEEN IMPROVED ************************************************************************************* THE DOWNLOAD LINK:8723 Because the attachment size is limited, the HD pictures can not be upload, very sorry about that~~ Maxthon_Bing_Light.mxskin
  8. MAXSHARK replied at 2014-4-25 05:12 Yes This is what I want.Where is the skin file for this screen shot? 7962 Test_with_Mx2classic_icons.mxskin
  9. magg replied at 2014-4-25 04:06 Your 2nd version of this skin is different than the first one and your screenshot-thats the proble ... yes,I Know it, because MAXSHARK want a default skin with the chrome-like tabs and the icons like the mxclassic. so I mod the 2nd skin. YOU GUYS LIKE THE 1ST ONE?
  10. MAXSHARK replied at 2014-4-24 09:44 I also have this problem with the latest Maxthon official release I just wanted a Maxthon's de ... I am not very sure what you mean? my english is so poor, the skin I mod just changed the tab style ,and the navigationbar icons, there is no other modifition with the default skin. OR LIKE THIS? 7958
  11. MAXSHARK replied at 2014-4-24 03:05 Yes thats what I want Did you make this skin?may I ask you two things please: I see two bugs he ... 7945 sorry for the inconvenience,I fixed the bugs,you can download it and have a try, the color is also easy to change, but I do not change the tab,just the main window, if you like(YOU CAN PREVIEW THE SKIN BELOW), you can download it ,if you do not like this, and I can help you to change the tab color only.hope you like it, wish you happiness. 7944 mx2classic_chrome_mix.mxskin
  12. you mean like this?7938 7937 Test_with_Mx2classic_icons.mxskin