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  1. Well, until implemented, you can play with Paint and create a monocolor wallpaper of your choice.😄
  2. Very nice the new History page, more compact, more useful. Just a little thing: can the tree with the date in the left to be a little indented with few pixels, individual days from the month root? It will be more easy to read and to follow.
  3. A little off topic. What will happen with MX6 Retro mode when Microsoft retires IE? It will still work?
  4. It's a rather old Intel Core i7 6700 CPU integrated graphics with latest win 10 (21H2) and MS Updates drivers. No other discrete card.
  5. Sometimes, even the new tab page thumbnails gets affected. MX5 vs. MX6.1.3.1200:
  6. I confirm in the latest stable release ( the corruption in rendering (some) images is still present. Very annoying... ?
  7. Wow! Very very nice History and Last Session pages in Dark Mode in the latest beta ( But what about the Settings pages for the next beta?... and maybe the Extensions page too? Thanks!
  8. OK, but I don't want to go every time in settings and set a new default search engine, I just want them to appear all in the drop-down list in New Tab page and pick what ever I want from the list of my custom defined engines. Thanks! (please have another look at my screenshot to see what I meant). There are search engine introduced that not reflected in that drop-down box in new page. I want a search engine functionality like in MX5. BTW. Have you consider reintroducing the search box on the right of the address bar?
  9. Hi folks, and Happy New Year! As another user pointed above, I don't know how the search engines are supposed to work. I deleted all but Google and input my own 6-7 custom search engines (that I used for years on MX5), but I don't know how they can be accessed. On the "New Tab" search box is showing only the default engine and nothing else. (Maxthon final portable, guest account). P.S. I attached a screenshot. Sorry, is not only Google, it seems i leave alone 3 default engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo), but my custom engines are not showing.
  10. Hi folks! I cannot find if already asked, but really miss a feature of older Maxthons such as open new tab in background. I often search in Google (or whatever search engine) and then open by simple left-click any number of results I see fit and they opens in separate BACKGOUND tabs, without moving the focus away from the results page. When I finish open link results, just then I move to check the new tabs, no need to click back and forth from the results page and the new opened tab. I dono if i make my point clear... If it is a option already please tell me. Thanks. BTW, MX6 is great, it works well for me in portable form, still need some polishing.