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  1. As you probably already noticed, Maxthon's Extensions Center is "frozen": the latest updated extension was Shopping Assistant (2019/08/01). I have upload a few updates for some of my extensions before I noticed that they are still "pending approved". Some of these are updated regularly, and I'm sure that many people still use and will use old versions of Maxthon with old extensions. So we need a plan B: what if we use the forum to post updates and new extensions? But I hope this is a temporary solution...

    In this thread I will post updates for my old extensions (and maybe new ones). If you upload your extension to the comments, I will edit the main post and add the link to your comment. It's a crutch, but right now it's the easiest way to share updates with users. Let's go!

    If you use SaveTube, ViewTube or LinkTube, we recommend you switching to original scripts and ViolentMonkey. This will update your scripts automatically.

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  2. A few months ago, I was going to write why MX5 should be the last version of Maxthon, and now I see that for many people MX5 will indeed be the last version of Maxthon. For me probably too. It isn't bad, just now we drive on different roads. I love the browser, I love the team and I love the community. It was a great experience, and I'm happy to be here, but it's time for change, and many of us aren't ready for this.

    In 2017, I wrote "Make Maxthon great again!". The last point was:


    Save old products, don't hide it! I want you to understand: your users are your money, but not all your users are delighted with the new version of your browser. They like old versions more. And if you don't give them what they want, they will leave and you will lose your money. For you old versions of your browser is better than other browsers. You have to understand it!

    I understand that many users everyday will ask you about something that does not work in old versions and you don't want to answer that "This is because of outdate. This is old browser and we don't support it many years". But you can just release little updates for latest version of each generation and add notifications about this in "About" for example. Why not?

    I want to believe that Maxthon will save at least MX5, because I know many people who still use it (by the way, I know people who still use MX4 and MX3). And now I want to ask Maxthon to save the main feature of their old browsers - extensions. Today Extensions Center is paused. I know why and I understand it, but I see that many people still need some addons. And I hope Maxthon will save Extensions Center and, if it's possible, will make it open. What I mean?

    Sorry, if I should not talk about this, but we don't have any extension update because of moderation. Is it possible to remove moderation from the website? There are not so many 3d party developers and there are not so many people who will check Extensions Center everyday. The risk is not so great. Just edit the notification before installation: "You use too old version of the browser. Now we DO NOT support this version and we DO NOT moderate extensions for your browser. Any extension can be dangerous. Instill it only if you really understand what you do".

    This is simple and it could save some old users and 3d party developers. A few months ago, my nephew made his first addon for Maxthon, I made too many addons to just forget about it. And I know people who still ready to work with MX (not so many, but they exist!). It could be a good step towards old-timers.

    I see only 2 potential problems:

    • Technical limitations. Is it possible to remove preliminary moderation?
    • Money. How much money does Maxthon need to keep the site online?

    And the last on: I have some ideas what we can do if Extensions Center will be closed, but... I spent too much of your time already and I probably should create a new thread for this. See you...

  3. 6 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    Can someone explain how having blockchain tech in a browser makes it more secure?

    For example, synchronization can work between your devices only (today it works via Maxthon's servers): you need to connect your PC with your smartphone and then you can add a new device to this chain. If you lose all devices your data will be lost too. This is really secure, but too uncomfortable for users like me.

  4. Did you miss me? Because I'm here and I will grumble... Again!

    What happened to your Extensions Center? After years of controversy, we finally realized that users really need extensions. But if you browsers does not have extensions what you users need, it does not mean you can just forget about the extensions that already exist. Does not matter what do we think ab out the browser, does not matter what the developers want to do with the browser, there are too many users who love it and will use even if Maxthon close the project. And this people probably would like to use the extensions.

    Maxthon's Extensions Center does not work:

    1. Users can not write reviews. Just check any extension page - last comment was written in February 2018, almost 2 years ago. I'm almost sure this is because of Mining Go and referral links/codes. I think Maxthon tried to stop all this spam and just close all comments. But why did you do this for all gallery, not for Mining Go page only? Sometimes we need a feedback, but you took that opportunity away from us.
    2. Where are all updates? There are not so many extensions for Maxthon, but I can not believe that no one developer has made any update for his extension. Just check Recently Updated - the last update is Shopping Assistant - August 1, 2019. The developer of SaveTube and ViewTube made several updates this autumn, updates for Maxthon is already done and uploaded, but still not available for users. When Twitter released new UI, I updates my mxaddon, but it is still not available too.
    3. Even if Maxthon fix the issues, the communication on Extensions Center is broken. There is no way to inform the developer about a problem with his extension: even if you write w comment/review, he will never see that. There is no notifications for developers. And if you like an extension, you can not see other extension from the developer.

    We don't know you plans, but almost every you user can explain what we want to see and what you should do.If you close Extensions Center (as you did for Skins Center), it will be very bad for the browser, the community and every your user. Come on!

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  5. NoAds
    It was unofficial port for MX, but because of old bug of Chromium it could break the browser. So the developer removed it from Extensions Center. But than someone upload it again and now you can use it. But if you will add "full lists" it may break all pages (white field instead of content).

  6. 7 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Thank you all! I have sent the extension to them. :Smiling_Face_Emoji_with_Blushed_Cheeks_42x42:

    Sum up:

    • RoboForm was developed by SiberSystem
    • RoboForm.mxaddon was upload to Extension Center by Roman Gravit
    • Roman Gravit used email @siber.com, so he probably worked there (and his Facebook profile confirm this)
    • It means that RoboForm for Maxthon is probably official add-on
    • They both responded to messages: RoboForm - via Twitter, Roman - via Facebook.

    So they know about situation and probably they will connect with Maxthon Team.
    But maybe I could give them links to someone from Maxthon Team on Facebook or Twitter (Lizzie or Jeff)?

    By the way, the website works, but you shoud use siber.com/index instead of siber.com

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  7. 2 hours ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

    Here is his e-mail address:   roman.gravit@siber.com

    This website is dead already...
    But I think I found his profile. Maybe this is other man with the same name, but I'll try to talk with him.

    On 12.09.2018 at 3:20 PM, BugSir006 said:

    If you can reach this author please help let him/her know.

    I wrote about this on Twitter, RoboForm replied. Can I give them link to someone from MX Team? 
    Or you can try to do the same and write to RoboForm on Twitter or Facebook.

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  8. What's up, guys? 
    As you probably know, my new interests are privacy and security. And today I have a bad new for you...

    According to Robert Heaton's note, popular extension Stylish steals all your internet history:


    Since January 2017 for Chrome and since January 2017 for Firefox, Stylish has been augmented with bonus spyware that records every single website that you and its 2 million other users visit. Stylish sends our complete browsing activity back to its servers, together with a unique identifier. This allows it’s new owner, SimilarWeb, to connect all of an individual’s actions into a single profile. SimilarWeb own a copy of our complete browsing histories and they also own enough other data to theoretically tie these histories to email addresses and real-world identities.

    I have a lot of questions:

    1. Is Stylish for Maxthon official?
      Here're not so many official extensions and ports. I know olny three: LastPass, VKOpt and AdBlock Plus. Other extensions in most cases are unofficial ports from funboys. Is Stylish too?
      Add-on was uploaded by one of users from China - 寂寞的原子 (Lonely Atom). He made many cool exnetsions for Maxthon. Who is he? Can we talk to him?
    2. Is spying update relevant for Maxthon?
      Last update of mxaddon was in January 2018. Does this mean that users of Stylish for Maxthon  take risks too?
      Because if Lonley Atom used old version of Stylish, it may be still safe. Not a fact, but we have a chance.
    3. Are Chrome and Firefox issues relevant for Maxthon?
      Maxthon is closed browser. That's why many third-party developers don't want to work with Maxthon. Maybe changes happened on Chrome could not be repeated on Maxthon.
      Now we need someone from MX Team to check it.

    P. S.

    I've seen mention of Stylish changes thrice, so it's probably true...
    I'm not sure that it's relevant for Maxthon too. So don't panic!
    Maybe it's false alarm... But I think you should know this...


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  9. Hi. guys! I had to write about this many week ago, but...

    What's wrong with Extensions Center? Does it work?
    I tried to write reply, but I can not add new comment. Just white screen and nothing more.
    I hoped it's temporary, but it still does not work for me.

    Now I hope MX Team just preparing big update for Extensions Center and they have no reason to fix old bugs.
    Because we really need new Extensions Center: with notification and developer's pages.
    Now feedback is broken...

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  10. What about http://extension.maxthon.com/server/go.php?guid=GUID links?

    Maxthon used this as permanent links to add-on pages: if add-on is available on Extensions Center, this page will be opened.
    This is "Details" in old versions of MX (MX3, MX4 and MX4.9), these links worked in any browsers. But today it does not work.

    Is this temporary troubles? 
    Because I used thes links as feedback in my extensions and not it does not work for me. 
    Should I remove Rate and Rewiew from my add-ons?

    As you need examples:

  11. 11 hours ago, bayas said:

    Some of UserScripts are not suitable to port for Maxthon addons. They sometimes request some dependencies or API calls (like GM_* stuffs). And they also have their update mechanism. Here is the reason why ViolentMonkey is the essential to do that. You cannot maintain this extension even If you get a help.

    I think I fixed it. I'm not sure, but maybe...
    I'll make update and maube in will help.

    I just add excludes to def,json:

    		"exclude": [

    Bad news. I fixed GMail issue only, but not other Google services...

  12. Hi, guys!

    I made SaveTube for MX, but honestly I don't know how it works. I just took the script and write that it have to be runned when page is loaded. There are list with websites where script have to be runned, but there is not any *.google.com sites. So I have no idea why it happens. But I test original script with ViolentMonkey and had the same result: page realods when I try to open new folder, but not "again and agian" as someone wrote, only once.

    Sebaro know about issue. He showed me the post with issue description. But he use Linux and can not test MX extension.

    So we know that this is problem of interaction between the script and browser. But we don't know the reason. 
    In def.json I used these includes:

    	"actions": [{
    		"type": "script", 
    		"entryPoints": ["doc_end"],
    		"include": [
    		"js": ["script.js"],

    In original SaveTube script:

    // @include		http://youtube.com*
    // @include		http://www.youtube.com*
    // @include		https://youtube.com*
    // @include		https://www.youtube.com*
    // @include		http://gaming.youtube.com*
    // @include		https://gaming.youtube.com*
    // @include		http://m.youtube.com*
    // @include		https://m.youtube.com*
    // @include		http://dailymotion.com*
    // @include		http://www.dailymotion.com*
    // @include		https://dailymotion.com*
    // @include		https://www.dailymotion.com*
    // @include		http://vimeo.com*
    // @include		http://www.vimeo.com*
    // @include		https://vimeo.com*
    // @include		https://www.vimeo.com*
    // @include		http://metacafe.com*
    // @include		http://www.metacafe.com*
    // @include		https://metacafe.com*
    // @include		https://www.metacafe.com*
    // @include		http://break.com*
    // @include		http://www.break.com*
    // @include		https://break.com*
    // @include		https://www.break.com*
    // @include		http://funnyordie.com*
    // @include		http://www.funnyordie.com*
    // @include		https://funnyordie.com*
    // @include		https://www.funnyordie.com*
    // @include		http://veoh.com*
    // @include		http://www.veoh.com*
    // @include		https://veoh.com*
    // @include		https://www.veoh.com*
    // @include		http://viki.com*
    // @include		http://www.viki.com*
    // @include		https://viki.com*
    // @include		https://www.viki.com*
    // @include		http://imdb.com*
    // @include		http://www.imdb.com*
    // @include		https://imdb.com*
    // @include		https://www.imdb.com*

    As I undestand, it mead that script or addon works on these websites only. There are not any *.google.com 
    @Chantao was the first who wrote about this, and he did it July, 29. But I last SaveTube.mxaddon update was July, 2. 
    Does it mean that all worked OK a few weeks? Maybe this is really problems of browser update?

    And I am still not sure that I understood you correctly. I made too many extensions to use all of these and I don't use MX as default anymore. So I am not sure that I understand what problem have other user. Maybe someone can make video with issue? I can send it to Sebaro.

    And what about Maxthon Team and real developers?
    Today we really need help. Because I'm not developer, I'm just user. I don't know how it works.
    I even have no idea how these script and extension can broke other website.

    Other post with this issue:


    I added some excludes to def.json:

    		"exclude": [

    And now GMail issue is solved.
    But I noticed the same reloading on YouTube and Google Maps.
    I can not fix it for YouTube (because SaveTube have to works on Youtube) and Google Maps (because Google use different domains for different countries)
    The simplest solution is just add to excludes all websites where you have this trouble. 

    So where?

    I still don't know how it works and I need advice from developers.

  13. 50 minutes ago, MaxthonJeff said:

    Please go through SDK first and if you have questions, feel free to post them here.

    But what about MX5 tollbar icons? There are no SDK update, but today you use icon_32 if I don't write something else. 

  14. 46 minutes ago, Radubuntu said:

    I would like to develop an add-on that would change for ever how we use to save our bookmarks. The problem is i can't access neither to download the sdk neither the guides. Any help ?

    Finally, someone who understands what he's doing!
    Bad news: there are not so many people, who understand how this browser works...

  15. Today I would like to talk about serious issue... 
    So this post is addressed to the Maxthon Team and real true gangsta MLG add-on developers, who really understand how this magic work.

    In the times of MX3 we had AdHunter. It was a simple, but effective advertising filter. It had two big problems only:

    • it does not have regional lists
    • you could not block ads manually (untill latest versions)

    So some user (I know nick only and nothing more) make NoAds. It was a port from popular add-on for old Opera. There was regional lists and manual blocking, but... Because of some bug in Chromium code it did not work if you tried to use full lists. So... There were times when NoAds worked not so well and could even "break" browser: if you tried to use full lists you see empty white pages only and only deleting of folder with extension data solved the probmel. MX users don't like to read and so many people asked about this, that developer removed NoAds from Extensions Center. After a few months or years someone upload NoAds in Extensions Center again. I'm not sure that it was real developer, but today NoAds is available again.

    We saw that MX Team make some changes in MX5 to achieve better compatibility with some popular extensions. And I think that NoAds can really be usefull extension for many users, but I'm not sure that it works OK in MX5. I'm not sure that this is MX problem, maybe only Google can do something with this. But someone should look on this extension. Because there is manual blocking, but it's not exist in ABP.

    Alternative is always good!

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