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A few months ago, I was going to write why MX5 should be the last version of Maxthon, and now I see that for many people MX5 will indeed be the last version of Maxthon. For me probably too. It isn't bad, just now we drive on different roads. I love the browser, I love the team and I love the community. It was a great experience, and I'm happy to be here, but it's time for change, and many of us aren't ready for this.

In 2017, I wrote "Make Maxthon great again!". The last point was:


Save old products, don't hide it! I want you to understand: your users are your money, but not all your users are delighted with the new version of your browser. They like old versions more. And if you don't give them what they want, they will leave and you will lose your money. For you old versions of your browser is better than other browsers. You have to understand it!

I understand that many users everyday will ask you about something that does not work in old versions and you don't want to answer that "This is because of outdate. This is old browser and we don't support it many years". But you can just release little updates for latest version of each generation and add notifications about this in "About" for example. Why not?

I want to believe that Maxthon will save at least MX5, because I know many people who still use it (by the way, I know people who still use MX4 and MX3). And now I want to ask Maxthon to save the main feature of their old browsers - extensions. Today Extensions Center is paused. I know why and I understand it, but I see that many people still need some addons. And I hope Maxthon will save Extensions Center and, if it's possible, will make it open. What I mean?

Sorry, if I should not talk about this, but we don't have any extension update because of moderation. Is it possible to remove moderation from the website? There are not so many 3d party developers and there are not so many people who will check Extensions Center everyday. The risk is not so great. Just edit the notification before installation: "You use too old version of the browser. Now we DO NOT support this version and we DO NOT moderate extensions for your browser. Any extension can be dangerous. Instill it only if you really understand what you do".

This is simple and it could save some old users and 3d party developers. A few months ago, my nephew made his first addon for Maxthon, I made too many addons to just forget about it. And I know people who still ready to work with MX (not so many, but they exist!). It could be a good step towards old-timers.

I see only 2 potential problems:

  • Technical limitations. Is it possible to remove preliminary moderation?
  • Money. How much money does Maxthon need to keep the site online?

And the last on: I have some ideas what we can do if Extensions Center will be closed, but... I spent too much of your time already and I probably should create a new thread for this. See you...

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