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  1. Original Replier:m△gg Hi there. Could you tell us which Maxthon version do you use? In new branch 4.9 this feature is removed from Maxthon.
  2. Original Creator: TylerC Yeah, I know it sounds exactly like an old thread, but this is slightly different. I don't have that "arrow" that let me select the connection, therefore it's not the same problem. So, is there a way to fix the download/upload speed indicator ?
  3. Original Replier: ody if you're using maxthon 4.9.x... then it's not a bug, this feature is (temporarily ?) removed.
  4. Original Creator: Nikocchi Can't find the option to pin the sidebar to desktop pls help. Is there something that i have done? Or that feature is already removed? I wanted to pin the sidebar to desktop so i can use the extension apps without having to open the browser, Thanks in advance untitled.bmp
  5. Original Replier: ody you can change your default encoding in settings :
  6. Original Creator: sax61 Hi, I’d like to know if I could reset options saved in passport. This would let me reset default options of encodings (once I’v choosen an encoding it seems to stay saved forever) I’ve tried to eliminate “config.dat” “config.ini” “SyncConfig.dat” files in user/config folder, but, following synchronization, the default state is again modified. I attach some images to show default options and options after synchronization. Thank you.
  7. Hi, Alessandro I know this. It's actually a bug. This a magic fill display error. We will fix it ASAP. sorry for this inconvenience. and so thanks your feedback.
  8. Original Creator: Alex 75 Hi, this is what I see opening http://login.live.com site: It is not only a UI problem, the filled field (username or email) doesn't work, you have to delete the content and write your email in. Please fix it. Alessandro
  9. Original Replier: BugSir007 Hi guys, Status bar system info request has been submitted to our product team. Thanks.
  10. Original Creator:Dragoncho Apart from the listed temporary missing features, 4.9 so far is missing also the so valuable system information in the status bar. I couldn't find a way to activate it.
  11. Original Replier: ody it's here :
  12. Original Creator:Enxh Hi, i have a problem (or no?) with ctrl + click to save images. How I can add again this option, in settings I cant... Sorry for bad english. Thanks
  13. If you can log in on http://my.maxthon.com , but you can't log in on browser. Please pm me your UID. I will solve it ASAP. Thanks. Looking forward to your pm. It has been fixed, please have a try and tell me the result. Thanks very much~
  14. Original Creator:astral_cyborg Hello and congratulations of making this nice and fast browser. After having installed it on my computer (OS: Windows 7 x64), I decided to make a Maxthon Passport account. The whole process went well and the account is ready and confirmed. My problem is that I cannot connect using my login credentials, as it returns "Incorrect account or password". From the my.maxthon web-page I can login and logout normally. I've also tried to install the browser on a smartphone (OS: Android Lollipop). From there, I've managed to login into my Maxthon Passport account without problem and using the same shared connection with the PC. I can also see my Android device in the Account Settings > Device Management option from the web-page. I am not behind a firewall or a proxy server. I've tried to delete the relevant Maxthon3 folder from the Users directory, so to start it with default settings, but I still get the same error. Any idea what should I try to do? Thank you for any answers
  15. Original Replier: ody if you have a passport : download maxthon file from here : http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/mx4.9.3.100-beta.exe perform a clean install (uninstall maxthon and clear user data or go to c:/users/you/appdata/roaming/maxthon3 and rename the folder to maxthon3sav) install maxthon again if it's in chinese then switch languages to english in menu
  16. Original Creator: JOHN HAMILTON I recently had to re-install Maxthon as it kept freezing. On trying to re-install I find I can only get Maxthon Asia! How can I install a UK compatible version?
  17. At present, not support set bookmark icons up without requiring any text or character. I have sent your proposal to design team~ Thanks for your feedback.
  18. Original Creator: jayman41 Anyway to get the site icons up without requiring any text or character? I prefer for the icons to stand alone.
  19. Original Replier: ody 2 ways : if you have a passport : cloud storage and local storage : C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\your account if you don't have a passport : local storage only C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\ guest
  20. Original Creator:rwstraley6070418 Last night Maxthon crashed and I got the error message database has been destroyed, then click to restore....Maxthon closed and rebooted and everything was OK. I have skynote and lots of information in it. At first that was all gone then restored. I've been using Maxthon for years and don't want to go to another browser, as in ever. Is my info on Maxthon backed up somewhere, if so where? I'd like to be able to copy that onto a flash drive on my end. I don't know why this happened, but was very disturbing to me. I would have emailed customer support but can't find it. Thanks Robert
  21. Original Replier:rick.lane Have you tried the Maxthon built in spell checker? Menu>Settings>Web Content>Spell Check. It's all I use and it seems to work well for me. It picks up all of these misprints: abuot, outsied, whatevre, etc. by underlining them with a squiggly red line.
  22. Original Creator:jayman41 I see where Ginger comes up pretty mediocre in the ratings (3 out of 5 stars), but it's the only spell checker extension I can see.
  23. Original Creator:SueKrueger13 Hello I recently bought a new laptop because my old one stopped working completely and I have no access to it. I was looking for ways to get my history working online. it seems that the only online history I have is the one on this current (new) laptop. there were a few things I forgot to bookmark on that very day which it stopped working, so I basically lost them and can't really get them back unless the web history would show them which is not exactly the case. I would had posted here sooner, however I was trying to find a way to retrieve the lost links but no luck. I attached a screenshot to give you an example of what I mean. if it were ever possible to obtain the links I lost, it would be really great. thank you so much
  24. Hello, I saw your post about Maxthon Now loading problem.

    I guess its server may has problem. Could you tell me your country?

    Thanks. Waiting for your kind response.

  25. Hello, I saw your post about loading problem.

    I guess its server may has problem. Could you tell me your country?

    Thanks. Waiting for your kind response.