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    Hello and congratulations of making this nice and fast browser.

    After having installed it on my computer (OS: Windows 7 x64), I decided to make a Maxthon Passport account.

    The whole process went well and the account is ready and confirmed.

    My problem is that I cannot connect using my login credentials, as it returns "Incorrect account or password".

    From the my.maxthon web-page I can login and logout normally.

    I've also tried to install the browser on a smartphone (OS: Android Lollipop). From there, I've managed to login into my Maxthon Passport account without problem and using the same shared connection with the PC. I can also see my Android device in the Account Settings > Device Management option from the web-page.

    I am not behind a firewall or a proxy server. I've tried to delete the relevant Maxthon3 folder from the Users directory, so to start it with default settings, but I still get the same error.

    Any idea what should I try to do?

    Thank you for any answers

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