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  1. thanks for the reply, here's an example of what i meant! i have soo many other features i would like to suggest n fine tune, i hope this helps bandicam_2020-11-13_19-41-36-070.mp4
  2. hey !! last night i noticed half of the mouse gesture features are missing from maxthon 5 in this new maxthon 6. can u please update it. like zoom-in zoom-out, full screen and so on.. also when you open and picture in a new tab.. you cannot move it around and navigate it if its zoomed in. i love this feature in mx 5. edit : i also just found out that the video pop up has no progression bar ? why? guys i love the browser and i really havent used any thing else for almost a decade now. i just want to fully move to mx 6 since its waaay faster