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  1. Cache location of private window do not follow the cache location setting. It is always at the default location. Suppose I set cache location to a ramdrive, cache of private window is still on harddisk at %temp%/Maxthon3Cache/.... I suggest cache of private window follow cache location setting (eg. create a subdirectory for private data).
  2. As I can't change the cache location, I created a symbolic link at the default cache location which map to a folder on a ramdrive. Then maxthon do not thrash harddisk when I select text in sources tab of developer tools. So, maybe the problem is related to how maxthon handle cache.
  3. When I open a js/css file in sources tab of developer tools and try to select some text, Maxthon cause extensive disk thrashing. My system is Win7 x86.
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    I like the "Number of dials" option most. Thanks, :handshake