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  1. Please, send me in private a message in order I will answer, because there are private information on my screen. I will record the screen and send to you. Thank you very much.
  2. Since Version (64-bit) 0723 (Windows 10) the download manager stills over other windows when I change application focus to another window/application. The solution is go to MX6 window and click on any place on the screen (MX6 window), close the popup for download manager and turn back to the application window (another different from MX6).
  3. After 33 minutes and just one tab MX6 runs fine. I will try more time asap.
  4. Same here. After 30 minutes (not sure) the page freezes and MX6 needs to click over another tab to back normal. I will try without any other tab (just one tab in any site) and verify the time MX6 freezes approximately. But it is happening before 2100 release.
  5. gazumba3233864 Thanks in advance! Note that after I restored from Passkeeper server, my PWs are running fine. So, it is not necessarely restore again. Just verify why the PW was not loaded.
  6. Same here! I had to restore a backup from Maxthon servers!