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  1. Status bar is active. As I can remember, this issue was present in release 1900.
  2. https://www.nikse.dk/subtitleedit/online# Thanks. Hi, https://www.nikse.dk/subtitleedit/online# Thanks
  3. Unfortunately the issue remains. Tested last saturday. After one hour of inactivity, when I tried to use MX6, it is freezed.
  4. Today, after one hour, it happened again. The page loaded (just one tab that moment) freezes.
  5. After 33 minutes and just one tab MX6 runs fine. I will try more time asap.
  6. Same here. After 30 minutes (not sure) the page freezes and MX6 needs to click over another tab to back normal. I will try without any other tab (just one tab in any site) and verify the time MX6 freezes approximately. But it is happening before 2100 release.