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  1. maxthon 4932000 installed all flash player i use portable version 2- also 4941100 i face a lot of difficulty when trying to move copy cut my stored favourite url to acustomized favourite folder nomber of favourite are attached
  2. Favorite.dat is 50 mb as for favourit number see attached wow 75688 years of web roaming by mx just notice i do not face any problem with 4482000 or 4931000 just 494 i have avideo for z problem with 400mb size i can not upload that can not even reduce size
  3. it is difficult in egypt to have internet service all time soync needs alot of money z eqauls =the i mean there is a folder in mx portable directory called favourite under the guest account data inside this folder there the=(z) main favourite filee and a favbackup folder which is 780mb i do not see how clearing cach is related to favourite about fav manager do you have a screen recorder app that can record my problem with small size best regards
  4. i keep it local i do not sync note that this z backup favourite folder inside z main fav folder
  5. also i would like to inform you about problem for later use 1- i get install flash player message at youtube page in retro mode while not at ultra mode even mx bulid in his own fp 2-fb vieos i use internet download manager to capture video on fb so i should see popup icon download like mx popup download video some time it work in retro mode also i get java error in some fb video and andriodauthority how do i assure that java instaled in portable version 3- i will send some site errors i face on mx that works fine on other browser the most important now fav.m cause i use it alot i will try to send avideo caputer
  6. thankx for z new beta 1- nope f.m problem did not fixed 2- just to notice i found that favback folder size is huge about 780mb thats could be z problem but even without my fav folder z problem exits 3- as for fb i will try it
  7. 1- YES FAV M PROB. HAPPENS EVen when i open fav m alone mx freezes for may be 45 seconds then opens its very difficult when i move favourites url from right pane to left i only can move 10 links or so to my customised folder i attched z report plz note that i use z 3 portable versions of maxthon i think they share z same temp directory even with those problems along years trust me mx is the best out there i really thank you a lot and plz mx5 let all free feature in gest account best regards MaxthonCrashData.rar
  8. 1- the attached video at z link above is actually describe exactly my first problem +1 2- freezing happend with multi fb pages are opened 3- crashes happen some times when i close only opened 1 fb page with maxthon home screen set to open thumbs pages and sometimes with multi fb pages 4-just openning z f.m. talkes alot untill i can see and edit my favourite links or folders i save a lot of links onnce i try to move more than 10-15 linkes to a customized folder it stop responding also while that it freezez mx and all open tabs and popup close message i think maxthon has a great trouble with fb best regard
  9. sorry man also i have to inform you the new 4941000 v it close suddenly when i close some fb tabs i do not know why
  10. no this page only on facebook i opened the first post picture then it started to open and close then open and close i meen the picture that is attached to the post first post or seconed any post picture in a loop by itself i use maxthon more than you think 10 years maybe i have
  11. thanks for reply i save alot of bookmarks very far away beyond 5000 may be over 15000(my years online roaming) i did not face this problem on version 4.9.3 or 4.4.8 my pc phenom x2 550 @3.giga hertz ram 10 gb gigabyte 785gt i have more than 10gb free of system disk space i always uses portable version of maxthon no freezes @ all of any mx features just the f.m. all other browser ok i use all kind of browser this happen only on also try this fb page link it opens any post and close it repeatidly by its self even it freezes other tabs
  12. crashes gone on the new version 4941000 but it still takes a lot of time and freezes when i open favourite manager
  14. also favouritee manger takes forever to open