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  1. Hi, A kind of sites not working on MX but that work with Chrome : https://codepen.io/gregja/pen/OJbYRwa Once you have allowed the microphone input, when you click on "start new press", its does nothing.
  2. ...for the same reason he needed it in MX5 ! The fact fact you hid it is not relevant to the personal use of other people. On my side I find it useful because I used it to search and open directly a new tab for this search, and used the address bar to type a search in an already opened tab. Now I need to first open a new tab, then type my search... Twice slower. So, I would be also glad to have this option back in MX6
  3. Hi, In the recent tab list ("restore" button on the toolbar), when we hover the list with the mouse, no tooltip appear to show the address of the old tabs. That was in MX5. I think that it is missing (could be displayed in tooltips or in the "Chrome style" status bar).
  4. Hi. We have been sending screenshots and videos of this issue here and on the Telegram group, nothing new to send right now, it's still exactly the same : some favorites subfolders appear empty, or with vertical separator lines when there are several columns of favorites inside. To have them displayed, we have to try several times. And if they display once, the time after they can not be displayed again.
  5. That doesn't correct it. Neither the latest Version6.1.0.1300.