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  1. all credit for this goes to ltGuillaume - i just looked at his code and added the icon locked tabs to a standard skin - not tested it much and it may not work - blame me for that not ltGuillaume tab-skin.mxskin
  2. loooping8 replied at 2014-1-22 15:05 "i took that idea and added it to MY SKIN just to say it was possible" so wy not post your skin fo ... read back through all the earlier skin threads and you can answer that - but i will save you the time my skin works for me - it is not complete for a number of reasons 1 - i do not use maximised mode so make no changes for that 2 - i do not test with any other OS than the one i am using - so again there can be errors 3 - its a work in progress - there are many errors - they do not bother me but anything posted as a skin should be complete 4 - i cannot be arse ed - i have posted complete skins in the past both here and on the old board and they result in a string of questions from people wanting changes - people cannot accept what there is 5 - its based on very old code - really the skin code for 3 - as an exercise it works for me but is wrong to put out as a finished skin 6 - other reasons i cannot think of i have over time as the OP here done mods - people take them and like them - then they do not work because the devs change something so more questions on the board and by pm - if you want something - learn as i and others did - 2 years ago i had not a clue - still dont have much of one but i can do what i pretty much want with a skin now - others - you anybody should do the same - learn and do it
  3. loopings with respect do you have to post everytime a post is added to a skin thread - fawning is not needed and maybe reading and understanding before the immediate urge to add something would make the posts you add more meaningful i made no reference to the original being complete or otherwise - the problem is how the customised skin i used as an example - my skin - is formed - i fully understand its an idea - i took that idea and added it to MY SKIN just to see if it was possible noting it was - nowhere near complete - but thats the fault of how things are in the skin - THATS MY SKIN jeeezzzzzz :'(
  4. interesting - a highly customised skin with colour changes - nowhere near complete - but thats the fault of how things are in the skin
  5. loooping8 replied at 2014-1-22 05:00 I must say im not able to do what the Maxthon China Member 大笨狗 in the International Maxthon Fo ... i know english is not your first language but most of that is incomprehensible - i guess you dont know/see that as you translate it - but its a pretty pointless post apart from fawning to the OP
  6. we still cannot change the colours of users skins unless they follow the layout of the official skin as the one above does - yes it has all sorts of bells and whistles but its still a standard skin at its core as it uses the standard method to form the bars - other user skins - mine - JarC's - Zorks snapper skin do it in a different way using graphics rather than colours so it would not work or i dont think it would - its an interesting exercise though to see if it will
  7. i think its interesting as a point of reference to whats possible as add ons to the skins - people may want it all but i somehow doubt it - but each individual thing can be added on its own to give what users want - the problem with that is that it will/could result in lots of requests for this feature or that as users will not take the time to learn how to do it themselves so i wish 大笨狗 all the best and hope he is prepared for people asking - for me there are bits i would like to use - the skin colour being one in custom skins rather than stock skins so will be looking how thats done
  8. thats very very clever - the skin colour change could possibly be implemented in user skins if they follow the standard rules i would think
  9. the extensions that are in the toolbar now are split into 2 sections - 2 of them are part of the main code - the others are in toolbar.mxaddon - thats in the public dir on c/users within the maxthon dir - for reasons i dont know the guid within an addon will not work so you need one out of the toolbar file so unpack that and copy one of the guid numbers - then unpack the extension you want in the toobar and overwrite the guid number - make sure its set to show in the toolbar lower down in the code and repack it then put that file in maxthon/users/your email/addons that should then show in the top toolbar - not all i have tried worked and it seems to upset the original toolbar file in that can leave blank icons or duplicate icons for example - i used the guid number from clear cache for noads - when i repacked everything i had 2 noads icone - one opened noads the other clear cache - i cannot find a way round that so i just deleted the code for clear cache from within the toolbar file hope that makes sense
  10. 7twenty replied at 2013-5-10 03:20 How unfortunate. Would still like to know the reasoning behind this. Seems like the MX team think ... what do you want to do - i have noads and skynotes running as separate entries - it was initially necessary to add them to the toolbar extension file - either something has changed or i did it wrong the first time - they are now just as downloaded have not posted my method but can if you are interested
  11. its not an easy place at best - dont know that thats the latest - just its later than anything i had - dont know where they get them from and why we cannot have access or at least somebody post them here
  12. mx packer is at over at the chinese board