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    I installed an update offered by maxthon yesterday. 

    This brings lot of problems: some sites do not loade to the end, some sites freeze, and sometimes there is no back-button.  In the end maxthon browser became much slower... 

    Is there a way to get rid of that update ? 


    I am using maxthon since 5 years - for the first time I am not happy with it 


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    17 hours ago, LumoWa said:


    I tried a lot !  From system recovery to new installation.   I had no answer from Maxthon....


    I am now back to - the only version that works fine. 



    But did you perform a clean install ? if you have a passport, unsinstall the previous version and clear (backup) your user data before install

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    Sorry for the inconvenience and sorry more about the delaying...There may be too many mails from all around the world everyday thus leading to this situation.

    But given that you have been familiar with our forum, personally I think forum is more effective and quicker way to get access to help, so next time you can come here first:)

    PS: is the most stable version, and hope you have installed it well.

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