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Possible to export or rebuild browsing history?

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I've got roughly six years of browsing history in my Maxthon v5.2.5.4000 portable, and I've noticed that I cannot delete individual history entries from before the most recent History_Part_xx.dat was created. In this case, that means anything before today. Searches in my history also can appear out of chronological order or fail to find matching entries at all. I was thinking this could be a symptom of my copying over my entire UserData folder each time I update Maxthon, so I am trying a new v5.2.7.1000 portable without copying. This means my new instance does not have my massive history collection. I want to have access to my old history without having to open an older Maxthon version, but I'd like not to have the same problems I have been having. Hence the question: is there a way for me to export my browsing history to a human-readable format or repair my database so I can get reliable search results?

TLDR: My browser history won't let me delete single entries or search right, so I want to export it to a format I can read.

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2 hours ago, Magdalene said:

I think all that does is display mx://history in a sidebar. 

Further experimentation shows that the extension has the same problems as mx://history. I also saw (again; I forgot to mention before) that searching for long strings will sometimes only search for part of the string. Strangely, when I copied only the History_Part_xx.dat files to my clean v5.2.7.1000, I have been unable to reproduce the search problems so far. I still can't delete old history entries one at a time.


Example of incomplete and disordered search result (note also that the results are for techrepu instead of techrepub): 

2019-03-03 (1).png


Example of correct results in the correct order even though the search string is longer.

2019-03-03 (2).png

After getting this search result, I could not get the improper results to occur with the previous search string.


Bottom line: the searching problems are potentially fixed in the clean install, but I still can't delete single old history entries and I would still like to be able to export the history.

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