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  1. - some elements too small

    I liked the side bar wider, the search bar with bigger fonts. Maybe what the need to do let us say what size and font size we want. we are the ones who should determine what we need.
  2. Mx version

    Thank's to all of you. The Grey with Black letters worked. I do not use Maxthon at full screen, and my desktop is a blue background, so suddenly it was blue on blue. This helped. Most of the other colors worked too, and now I know how to do it. So thank you one and all. Now to figure out how to get the Avatar/icon to also show above the sidebar or someplace on the front, like past versions.
  3. Installed Mx Now I'm confused. In the prior version ( my Avatar/icon was on the 1st tab. Now it's gone!!!!!!!! It is in the menu section, but it helped having it seen on the 1st tab (or above the sidebar as in a prior version), so I knew which browser I was using. The question is: How do we get the Avatar/icon to show on the 1st tab (or above the sidebar icon)? The reason they had it visible was because you could click on it and get to a different part of the program. And on the subject of "TABS" on version the tabs were light colored background and BOLD DARK print for the name, which makes it easy to see and read. (BOLD print does not mean shouting it is for emphasis as well as make things easy to read. I have seen articles with light background and light print. Makes it really difficult to read. Guess they never learned Contrast. So now how do I reset the tabs to be the colors I want them to be. One of the community members said (talking about skins {it seemed like he was talking about the tabs}) to click on the "t-shirt". I don't see any t-shirt on the tabs, so don't know what he is doing. Does anybody have any step-by-step instructions on how to change the color of the tabs(background and lettering) or a video that gives step by step instructions (with voice). I have seen on you tube some "instructional" videos that while showing the video are typing what is going on. I don't finish it. I'll find one who knows how to vocally tell you what they are doing while you see what to do. The menu in version was better arranged than it is now, and was easier to use and see. Can we go back to the old way? Not sure where this is supposed to be posted, as it covers 3 questions.
  4. Violentmonkey

    Well this time it installed right. Didn't have any problems. It just did it. I did nothing different than I did before.
  5. Violentmonkey

    I'm attempting to install Violentmonkey extension. I have Maxthon version (and it says it is the latest version). When I start to download Violentmonkey it says I have to have maxthon version 3 or above. It then wants me to press the install maxthon button. Why do that when I already have the latest version. It should check that out and then install the extension.So how do I install the extension without having to re-install maxthon again?