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  1. Permission to use Browser???????

    I figured out that one of the MX5 folders (had 2) should be MX4. But I don't know where the folders are to rename one of them to MX4. And I think that is why I keep getting the permission request. Any idea where these folders are hid?
  2. Permission to use Browser???????

    I have been using Mx since about 2012 (which I think was Mx 3--or cloud browser...or maybe it was 2014 don 't remember when my 1st download was. Originally I was IE, but as I played with MX the more I liked it. So as the updates came I just let MX do it's thing and never had any issues (of permission use, that is..I did have other issues), but the user forum helped me get through those. And I do LOVE MX. I tell others it's in the 22nd Century, and leaves all the other browsers out there in the dust. It outperforms the other browsers out there 10million to 1). So back to the issue. The conversion from 3 to 4 went fine. The conversion from 4 to 5 went fine. The changes from minor version to the next minor version went fine. In late March or Early April I installed MX version and let MX do it however it does it, I don't change anything (and had no permission issues for ANY of the minor updates in version 5. In fact the only time when I got a permission issue was when I loaded MX 4 [whatever]. But that I understood, I was going to a whole different version). When the other versions after came out, I was not aware of it. When I finally checked later in April I saw where the latest realease was . And I let MX install it iteself like I always do. I don't know if it has to create a new folder for every minor update or not, I just let it do what it needs to do. But for some reason this particular install ask permission every time I open it. Maybe I have a bad install. I can re-install it again (I can let it re-write over itself, or I could uninstall it (which I really don't want to do, because I might lose all my settings that have been carried forward from version to version [successfully, I might add]) and then do another install. Or I can continue to grant permission every time until the next minor release comes and maybe the problem will rectify itself. I do notice when I go into the windows settings for browsers it has EDGE at the top with a note underneath recommended. I don't think Microsoft would know a good browser it it bit 'em in the bottom. If they really know a good browser, they would recommend MX. Yeah, I'm prejudice, but I love MX. I scroll down the list and for some reason I cannot explain there are 2 MX 5 icons. Could that cause this problem. If so, how do I know which one to delete, and what do I need to I simply delete the extra folder (if it exists) or do uninstall (and hope it doesn't uninstall all my settings). I'm not sure what is causing the double MX5 icon to show up in windows settings, because I don't see it on the desktop or the tray.
  3. Permission to use Browser???????

    I've attempted to do that, but every time I hit the MX nothing happens. It still puts EDGE 1st. If I knew removing Edge from the system entirely would work, that's what I would do, but it may replace it with something else. I never had this issue with any of the prior releases of MX 5, MX4, or even MX3(cloud browser). It wasn't until I put this newest release in that this issue happens, which make me think there is something in this release that prevents it from being the default browser and you have to give it permission every time. This needs to be corrected before the next release. OR maybe I'm doing something wrong. But I haven't figured out what it is.
  4. Permission to use Browser???????

    Well I pressed it and it still stays grey. Not sure what MX has done in the most recent stable version, but something has tampered with the default setting.
  5. Permission to use Browser???????

    Is that default settings in MX or default settings in windows 10. In MX next to set as default browser there is a little red . and when I click on that nothing happens except the permission to use MX to make changes. I have used windows 10 since 2015 (windows 7 prior to that and Vista prior to that [never used XP, but used what ever was before it]) and have been using MX as my default browser since approx 2012, and this is the 1st time when updating the browser I get this message. In my MX settings I have checked the box that says ask me if another browser wants to be default. So I am not sure what I need to change. Incidently, Edge is a poor excuse for a browser; as one tech told me "it doesn't even qualify to be called a browser". Edge belongs in a nudist camp, even IE does more than EDGE does. But you are right Edge attempts to poke it nose into everything. If I want to open a pdf file, I need to do a right click, because if I don't here comes Edge to the rescue to be the pdf a pdf reader, Edge is a last resort reader......for that matter it is a last resort Browser (or whatever it really is, because it is NOT a browser). So I'm not sure where to go to make what changes to what.
  6. Permission to use Browser???????

    I have had MX as my default browser for a long time. Do you mean when I d/l the new one it did not remain my default browser?
  7. Did I install something incorrectly??? When I hit the MX icon in the tray, it asks the question (every time) can MX make changes to this computer. When I load up MX4 it asks that question (the 1st time {probably because I am switching from MX5 to MX4, and that makes sense}). I understand it asking the question when switching from MX4 to MX5 because they apparently are structured somwhat differently. BUT, if I am already using MX, why is it asking the question EVERY TIME I hit the icon to use it. Prior to this it just opened the browser up with no muss no fuss. And now, it's getting finicky. Or is there something I need to do so when I hit the icon in the tray to open the browser, it just opens up like it is supposed to(unless it is a different version of course).
  8. Violentmonkey

    Well this time it installed right. Didn't have any problems. It just did it. I did nothing different than I did before.
  9. Violentmonkey

    I'm attempting to install Violentmonkey extension. I have Maxthon version (and it says it is the latest version). When I start to download Violentmonkey it says I have to have maxthon version 3 or above. It then wants me to press the install maxthon button. Why do that when I already have the latest version. It should check that out and then install the extension.So how do I install the extension without having to re-install maxthon again?