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  1. Quick Access

    Thank you for your help; that was easy...........well almost. I did experiment with one folder that in the "grey line" it would give the name, but the picture said "goggle". When I put a name on the URL line......I screwed it up, and couldn't get to it anymore. Don't know what was there, so just had to delete the file. (Yeah, I know; I should of copy and paste it to a blank folder and experimented with it there so no damage could of been done...hindsight is better than foresight {but the editing instructions sounded so easy}). Experimented with another one on the name line (precedes the URL line) and got the message does not correspond with URL, so I erased what I put in. So now I'm not sure how to replace the name "google" to be what I want it to say without screwing the whole URL up, and can't get to what was there. Renaming the Folder worked, Renaming the files is a bit more tricky for some of them especially when it just says "google". Any safe way to change "google" to what I want?
  2. Quick Access

    When you right click on a tab you can send where you are to Quick Access. Usually when it creates a new folder it will say "new folder". My question is how do you edit the name "new folder" and name it what you want it to be? In other words how can we change the name "new folder" to be a more meaningful name that we want. Also how do you change the name of the files inside the folder to be what you want them to be? If there is not a way to do it, maybe the developers can make an editor that will enable us to do it. If there is a way to rename the folders and files I can keep things better organized instead of having them scattered from hen house to breakfast.
  3. permission

    I found where it is filed: It is in a Folder called Program Files(x86)> In that folder is a Folder called Maxthon5> In that folder is a Bin folder> inside that folder are several things including ".exe" files one of which is Maxthon. There is one called Maxthon doctor, but I don't know what that one does, so not sure I should run it or not). I found this while searching but I'm not sure it would work either: CompatReplied on July 27, 2018 I am a bit surprised to see all the answers stating "no, impossible". Just in case people still end up here after a search: It has been possible for quite some time. There are multiple ways to do it, some involving only the Windows Task Scheduler and some involving external tools. Personally, I am using the Microsoft Compatibility Administrator to do what you were asking. You have to install it first, but it is at least an official MS program. Refer e.g. to in order to get a detailed description of how to enable a specific program to prevent the annoying UAC warnings. The site referred to is here: When you go to the site you can d/l the programs, and it says they are no longer supported, BUT tells you what to do to get the most recent version. I have d/l the unsupported one as well as the newest version, but have not installed them, or used them as I'm not sure what is going to happen. Also here is a related article of how to use it see what you think about it:
  4. permission

    It is in the same folder where mx put it a few years ago, and the permission request started early this year (or maybe mid last year); it's a minor nusance to have to say yes every time I bring up my default browser. And you are correct, I would not lower my security level to zero.
  5. permission

    I have used mx for several years with no problems. I have upgraded into mx 5. For several of the updates within 5 I had no problems. But a few months ago, every time I pressed the icon to bring up my mx browser I get a notice that says the app wants to make changes to your system is it ok to do so. I have to press the "yes" button to continue. Today (8/29/18) I noticed it is coming from the user account control. I am using Windows 10 Pro. It has not been updated since Oct 2015 (because windows apparently does not have enough room to do it). So my question is: how do I go into my user account (where ever that is) and set it so it knows it's ok to PERMANENTLY allow Maxthon to make changes, so I do not have to keep seeing this box and continually say "yes". Maxthon is my default browser. It has been my default browser for several years. I am currently using mx Ever since this problem started, I thought it was a Maxthon problem, but now I see I was wrong it is a user account problem. Can anybody give me step by step the way to get to my user account and what to do to make it know maxthon has the automatic permission to make changes?
  6. Violentmonkey

    Well this time it installed right. Didn't have any problems. It just did it. I did nothing different than I did before.
  7. Violentmonkey

    I'm attempting to install Violentmonkey extension. I have Maxthon version (and it says it is the latest version). When I start to download Violentmonkey it says I have to have maxthon version 3 or above. It then wants me to press the install maxthon button. Why do that when I already have the latest version. It should check that out and then install the extension.So how do I install the extension without having to re-install maxthon again?