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  1. undo "don't ask again"

    Thank you; that was easy...I just selected all.
  2. undo "don't ask again"

    I right clicked on the file; choose properties; but there was nothing that said "change open with association". I went to all 4 tabs and looked for that phrase, but it was not there. Where is it hid?
  3. I filled out a form online for renewal of something. They did not have a way to save it to my hard drive (that I could see); so I used greenshot, copied what I wanted and saved it as a jpg file. However, the name at the end did not have ".jpg". Instead it had Mx5 I did not realize when I was saving the name I could of erased the "Mx5". Then when I went to view it it used Mx5 to view it. At the top were 2 selections "Always use this program to view this file" (and it was highlighted). The other said "don't ask again". Foolish me. Instead on NOT pressing either one, pushed the one that said "don't ask again". And now I'm stuck. The only program that I can use to read the file is Mx. However, when this file goes to the next officer who may want to read it, and does not have Mx how will they be able to read it? How can I undo this silly little mistake, so I can view the jpg file with any jpg program reader? Maybe we need a 3rd selection that says "let me choose which program I want to use".
  4. unusual error message

    Am using mx 64 bit browser. My desktop System has 12GB memory and graphics card has 2GB. The game does play on my Iphone. So I presume the desktop should have sufficient memory. When I play the game on my desktop I am using facebook gameroom app and not a browser. But my default browser is Mx.
  5. I went to play a game in facebook gameroom and as the game was in the processing of loading this message popped up: I don't know what it means or what to do about it. Does anybody know what they are talking about. I am not sure which browser they are even referring to, because I have the facebook gameroom icon in the task bar tray and don't even use a browser to get there. (However, I do have Maxthon set as my default browser; but I do not know if it is being used to access facebook gameroom or not).
  6. you tube notifications

    Found the lil culprit. It was an extension called You Tube Center Developer Build. Had that lil guy on there for years and you tube worked perfectly, so why now is it causing problems, unless it is because of the New windows 10 Pro N. But the notifications still don't show. Until I get the fix for notifications, I will have to use a different browser to see the notifications, and Mx for everything else. And yes when I found passport and opened it up again, everything came back, including what I had imported years ago from ie, and other browsers. Thank you for your patience and help.
  7. you tube notifications

    I didn't realize I had to re-invent the wheel again. Before I read your reply I saw passport. went to it and nothing was there. Finally found some cryptic instructions of how to set it up, but could not follow them. But I did stumble on to it by accident, and suddenly everything came back. Well almost, now when I click on my you tube link, you tube won't work. Right now I could not go to the "old drive" anyway as it is supposedly "dead" (but there are probably ways to access it anyway). And if I could get there I'm not sure how to get to the location you mentioned, nor where to put the userdata folder on the new drive. Maybe I need to make a new link for you tube.
  8. you tube notifications

    On my other system I did have some extensions installed, and was having this same problem. However, when the old hard drive quit about 2 weeks ago, and I got back my new system, I had to re-install Mx. (If I knew a way to get access to the old hard drive and could import mx from there so I had all my quick access and favorites and what I had imported from ie a few years ago I would do it; I don't like having to re-invent the wheel). Oh, the clone I had made of the old hard drive back in the summer for some reason doesn't want to boot; you can gain access to it by going to it as a different drive, but I still don't know how to import the mx that is on it to the new drive that has an up-to-date version of windows Pro N on it. The old drive (including the clone drive) had the free version of windows 10 Pro on it. If someone knows how to resolve this problem it would be helpfull too.
  9. When I go to you tube with Mx and see that I have notifications and click on the icon, the box comes up blank. But yet if I go to a completely different browser, go to you tube and click on the notifications (but the icon does not show there are any new ones, because when I clicked on it with Maxthon, it opened it, and the count goes away) the box now shows me the list I could not see in Maxthon. What would cause this?
  10. Violentmonkey

    Well this time it installed right. Didn't have any problems. It just did it. I did nothing different than I did before.
  11. Violentmonkey

    I'm attempting to install Violentmonkey extension. I have Maxthon version (and it says it is the latest version). When I start to download Violentmonkey it says I have to have maxthon version 3 or above. It then wants me to press the install maxthon button. Why do that when I already have the latest version. It should check that out and then install the extension.So how do I install the extension without having to re-install maxthon again?