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  1. I can't see any reason why that should happen. AFAIK Maxthon will just load the DLL that is in that folder. Works fine with the latest MX versions, and can't see any reason why XP should have any bearing on it loading or not. I'd check that the file is not corrupted, the correct file is copied and that Maxthon wasn't running when you copied the file over. Also check that the latest flash is working on the system using another browser that uses the same files. (That is not Chrome as it uses it's own one)
  2. Where are my password?

    Does anything happen when you try and use the search box to find an entry? And what about the other sections "Exceptions" and "General identities". What happens if you enter something into those?
  3. Have you tried disabling ABP? Try logging out of your passport account and see if it still happens, or test with a portable version not logged in. I think that was more a follow on from the first reply by joemax mentioning the UA.
  4. Adblock Plus Not Working

    It's just the name of the most popular and updated block list. The different countries are there to cater for those markets which have their own popular sites. No point in having filters for 1000 German sites if you never use them. I think you might be onto something with the dialup issues. The default blocklist is ~2mb, not huge by any stretch, but on dialup maybe there's something going on? If it's corrupted because of a dodgy update it could cause issues.
  5. Adblock Plus Not Working

    That's not a good sign. Shows there possibly was something wrong there. This is what I was talking about. If you did that and nothing changed, then i'm a little more stumped.
  6. Adblock Plus Not Working

    Highly doubtful. In fact i'd go as far as to say, not related at all, just a coincidence. No. Not related at all. Considering Google are all about ads, and ABP is all about removing them... Out of curiosity, did you do the following as noted above? Highly doubtful. What happens in Maxthon and the ABP addon has little to do with the OS outside of the data being downloaded through the network connection. This on the other hand, possibly. AV's are notorious for causing grief with certain programs. But in the case, again i'd have to say it's not related. Especially as you didn't note that you made any changes to the AV during your testing.
  7. what's your useragent?
  8. Adblock Plus Not Working

    Works fine on majorgeeks.com for me with that setting on/off. I'd say it's more that the blocklists aren't loading properly.
  9. Correct. But given that it should be a rare occurrence to view a page in Retro mode, and even more so in Retro requiring flash, most users shouldn't have to worry about it.
  10. Adblock Plus Not Working

    Remove all the filter subscriptions in settings. Restart Maxthon and add them again. Also check the "view blocked items" list and advise what/if there is anything listed there. This. All happens on the users machine.
  11. As stated above, it will work so long as the links to the file/s it uses aren't changed. I'll try to keep it up to date as best I can though. No. It updates Flash for the system, so it will affect any other program that uses PPAPI flash (like Opera). But you should run it after any new install/update of Maxthon, as it also copies over the correct files for maxthon to detect and work with the latest version. It won't download any flash installers unless there is a newer version. Thanks for the feedback! Well... that's odd as the download is directly from the adobe site!? No probs... glad to see some people found it useful About the admin thing... most people will probably have to do that as MX is installed into program files by default.
  12. No, I haven't implemented that. Might have a look, but not sure it can be done due to the way it detects progress. The flash update is approx 20mb, so on a dialup connection it may well take some time. To see if anything is downloading you can open up task manager and keep an eye on your network connection. It's quite possible that the reason you were having issues before was that the connection was timing out due to the slow speeds.
  13. Where are my password?

    Update to the latest version and see if that fixes the problem. http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes/
  14. When MX updates it will copy over the older flash version every time. So yes, you should keep a copy and run it after every update if you want Maxthon to always have the latest flash. It will work so long as Maxthon or Adobe don't change any filenames/paths. So no guarantee on how long it will work. Depending on where Maxthon is installed and your OS user level you may have to run as Admin as you found. I did as much testing as I could, but there still could be some things that I missed. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Ahhh, damn it! I even recall making that change! Forgot to add one letter!! Link in previous post updated.
  16. Try download in another browser if MX is having issues. Although works fine here. Also check what version you already have installed: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ Been playing around with creating an auto updater seeing as fiddling around with files isn't the most user friendly thing for most people. You can try the file attached. It will detect your MX and installed flash version, update Flash if it's not the most recent, and copy over the correct files to the Maxthon folders. If you do try it, it would nice to get some feedback if it all went smoothly. Link to VirusTotal Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/15807b67a026c22bb88e93ab15d052c4cdc4d2e172013d0ee653a9bba9da2fdd/analysis/1478411287/ Gets 2 fails from some random scanners... not sure why. MX Flash Updater_0.65b.exe
  17. Of all the users that have tested, you are the only one to have this issue. The maths and logic dictates it's a problem on your end. After going back reading through the linked thread i noticed that nowhere is it mentioned if you tested with ABP disabled (although it may have been implied with one response). Can you test with ABP off and see what happens. And nothing ever came of my last request in that thread: If this was a site error, it should happen to everyone. If this is a Maxthon issue, it should happen to everyone. If this is a userdata error, then it will only happen to the user. << this is where we're at now. If it's something else, then we need to narrow it down to what.
  18. Long time issue for this user. No one else (IIRC) is able to replicate the same problem with bookmarks on google as he has. Zoom issue seems to be related to the extension shown.. not the built-in feature.
  19. History extension (sidebar, toolbar)

    Maybe the UI designers can't do the backend code for the browser. So they need to keep busy with something... that said, there's plenty of UI issues to fix... Personally I remove it. It's available via shortcut, or from the reopen last tab rightclick menu. Still easily accessible (just one extra click) and i'd imagine not something that gets used all the time. More than anything probably just to unclutter the UI. Probably would have been better if they just disabled it from the default UI, rather than actually disabling it from the skin though. That's my take on why they dropped it.
  20. Make sure "standard rendering" is enabled in settings when testing in Retro mode. BUT it works fine here in Ultra: User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/ Chrome/39.0.2146.0 Safari/537.36 OS:Win10/14393.351 (although I doubt that's the the cause)
  21. Update from what version?
  22. mx crashing always

    I'd be doing some major trimming of that list. 90% of those sites probably no longer exist if they're from years ago. As to why it works in previous version, I can't say.
  23. you tube does not want to play

    You are running in Retro Mode. Change to Ultra and it should work.
  24. mx crashing always

    How many favourites do you have and how big is the Favorite.dat file? If it's rather large, then that's possibly why you're running into issues with favourites. You can probably delete most (if not all) of the data in the backup folder. I always keep the latest 5 or 10 copies though. For reference i have 568 favourites and the file is 938kb. No issues on my end. You can get the total by using the update site icons feature and checking the progress meter number down the bottom. For flash to be working in Retro you need to also have the IE version of flash installed. Easiest way is to run Internet Explorer and install flash using that, as it will detect and install the right version. It should then work in Retro. Although you shouldn't have to be using Retro for youtube. Goto https://www.java.com/en/download/installed8.jsp and see if it can detect if Java is running/installed.
  25. about:blank error when logged in

    I think that's the issue. Up until recently they used the same userdata folder, so if anything changed due to MX5 then it may be broken in MX4. Not sure how you can fix that if it's been synced though. You already did a clean install which should have removed any local data, meaning the dodgy part is on the cloud and always gets synced. You could try the "restore defaults" option (top right) in settings. But no guarantee that will fix the issue. And you'll have to restore all your settings again. I think it's in some part that wouldn't be user accessible though. So even if you knew what part it doesn't mean it could be done. What doesn't work exactly?