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  1. Goodbye Maxthon

    Same. Releases are full of bugs. Now when webpage asks about permission to use webcam or microphone it doesn't work. Maxthon is getting obsolete and slower and slower. I am moving to Google Chrome. byeeeee
  2. When you find some good meme and you want to save it is always saved in *.webp extensions. And i got a question. WHAT THE ####?? No software can open that. It only happens with maxthon. I tried the same webpage with edge and other browsers. Only maxthon and only frrom this page images are saved in this pointless extension
  3. thread is useless

    The only working version is 4.9.x.x. Any latest is slow and buggy
  4. Confirmed here. When mx5 asks about becoming default then win10 resets it to edge. This feature not only doesn't work, it also makes things worse. Don't you people test versions before pushing it into the forum? This thing goes for several months, maybe even since win10 came out.