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  1. I read the whole thread for days. I am replying to DaveMax, who said "So long" because of this simple pop-up. And the rest of the thread is similar whining in my opinion.
  2. Jeez guys, all this pop-up is about is informing you that Maxthon is not the default browser and if you want it to be, then please set it as such. If not, click the X and it goes away. DaveMax, maybe Vivaldi doesn't check to see if it is the default browser and therefore doesn't notify you when it is not. If you are all on Windows10, it likes to hijack the default browser setting and sets it as Edge Browser. I have seen that Maxthon's menu option to set default browser now takes me to Windows default program app where you can change it from Edge to MX5. I have had to do it quite often lately as there have been several new releases in the past few weeks and simply checking "set as default" during installation doesn't always convince Windows to do that. I personally appreciate Maxthon informing me that Maxthon is not currently my default browser so that I can fix it right away. Certainly this isn't close to being a deal breaker in my mind nor is a response from the Maxthon team all that necessary as it isn't really that big of a deal.
  3. I don't know how you folks have installed Maxthon, what else you have installed on your computers nor what else may be running on your machine when you use Maxthon. All I can say is that I have never had Maxthon any version freeze on me for over 15 years. If I can't reproduce your problem, it's also possible that the devs can't either and therefore can't fix anything if they can't find the problem. I just installed into the same folder that I had installed (which is the same folder that I have installed all 5.2.1.x versions into; I did not do a clean install and continue to use the Roaming\Maxthon5 data file that was created some time ago and I have closed and restarted Maxthon 5 several times today with no hint of a freeze.) I have a Windows10 Home installation on a Dell desktop with 12GB of RAM and an iCORE i7 processor. I also have had no problems with my Win10 8" Dell tablet with Maxthon 5 installed, though I haven't upgraded to yet on that machine. Both of these machines are about the same age as Windows 10, the tablet a bit older. I visit this forum about 3 to 4 times daily and read all new comments and questions and close to all the time I do not experience any of the reported problems and wonder why others are having such troubles. And when I do experience an anomaly and report it, they have always been fixed in short order. I realize that you folks are definitely experiencing these problems but it baffles me why you have them and I have never had them and I have been using Maxthon versions exclusively since MyIE2 became Maxthon and haven't even tried other browsers as I continue to have a working browser using the latest Maxthon release for all those years . (Though I really liked Maxthon2 the best for it's customizability, I have no problems with any version of Maxthon 5 and it suits my needs.) Just maybe, there are other reasons than just the Maxthon browser that are the hidden reasons some are having more problems than others, as I have seen this reporting for all of the years I have been a member of this forum. Don't know what else I can say or do.
  4. Desktop icon abnormal???

    Try not repairing it and just click the "X" to close the pop-up. Since I generally have 2 or 3 versions installed (for testing) I have the desktop icon created for each install, but then I rename each one to indicate which version it represents. I too get the same pop-up (in my case I understand why) but do not want it to be "repaired" as that only brings it back to what it was before I renamed it; I simply click the close "X" and I don't see it again until the next install when I rename the icon again. Works for me maybe will work for you.
  5. I just click the refresh button on the toolbar and it always has solved it for me when this rarely occurs.
  6. Forced Auto-update?

    Actually, auto update has been requested for years by many users and now that they finally incorporated it, all of those that didn't request it are speaking up. I think casual users want it and the hard core would like to have more control over their updates and upgrades. From the beginning it has always been suggested to make all items such as this to be optional, and not set in stone; some they have listened and others they have done as they think will be what everyone will want. In this case, make it possible for users to forgo the restart and continue to use their current version. Just a simple "No Thanks" button would suffice.
  7. PDF open on MX

    I would desire for all of my pdf's to open in Foxit, my default pdf reader. But they open first in Maxthon lately as it appears that is now a default function for Maxthon. However, I go to the top right of the Maxthon pdf window and click on download arrow. This usually triggers a download window in which I click on "open" (but I could also save it to my PC if I wanted to), which triggers another Maxthon pdf window to open. But clicking the download arrow again (in the top right of the Maxthon window), I successfully get the pdf to open in a new Foxit window. (I have a multiple monitor setup and Foxit opens on a separate monitor for me, so the browser is still open and visible) Definitely extra steps, but once I got used to it, it's just a minor annoyance to me. What I would desire is that the first attempt to open a pdf would go straight to one's default pc pdf reader and not open in Maxthon at all. I seem to remember that in earlier Maxthon versions (like in MX2 or MX3), Foxit (or Adobe Reader)would open right in the browser in it's own tab. That to me would be the ideal, which from there one could save it or copy it.
  8. Annoying Shortcut Error Window

    Just curious which version of Maxthon you are using as the Maxthon icon hasn't said "Maxthon Cloud Browser" for some time. When I install a new version of Maxthon 5, the desktop icon has a label of MX5. Maybe that has something to do with the error message (?). And I really don't think this error message is any where near as suspicious as you are making it out to be. Also, you haven't mentioned what you do when you receive that message; have you clicked on the "repair now" button? Just trying to help you figure out what is going on for you.
  9. Annoying Shortcut Error Window

    I think he is talking about the message that appears concerning the Maxthon desktop icon. I have found that if I allow for an installation of a Maxthon release to create a desktop icon, then I rename it, I get a message that tells me that there is a problem with the desktop icon and gives me an option to repair it now. I also believe that a warning also appears in the browser window. This occurs for me as I rename the icon and then I pin it to the taskbar followed by deleting the desktop icon completely. For you emueller, my suggestion is that if you don't need the desktop icon, then during installation uncheck the box for "create desktop icon" in the advanced section of the install dialog. I doubt it is as intrusive as you are claiming or that it is spying on you as it only thinks that the icon should be named MX5. It has nothing to do with what your icon goes to only that it has noticed that the original Maxthon desktop icon has been altered. It isn't concerned with what you have made the icon go to, just that it has been altered. I simply close the warning dialog box and move on.
  10. MX5 PC Beta Release

    I think it is more about time than being selective. My main desktop got it after about an hour using it. My tablet got it about an hour later after I turned it on, opened Maxthon and went back to work. On my Win7 computer, I turned it on, opened Maxthon, realized it was still on version, so I upgraded it to and then just left on for over an hour, ate dinner and came back to it and there was the notice of the update and to restart Maxthon to complete the update. Now all 3 of my desktop install versions have been automatically upgraded to; just seemed to take some time with the browser opened.
  11. V won't start

    5.2 versions are betas of what is in the works and is a final of the 5.1 series and still has some bugs that are fixed in the 5.2 series. It sounds like you installed the in the same folder as you had previous 5.1 versions installed, since you mentioned that you had to install in order to get something to work. When you said that you tried several things, did you try and go into File Explorer and navigate to your Maxthon installation folder, go to Bin folder and click on the Maxthon.exe file to see if it would start by doing that? Sometimes I have had to do that after installing a new version and receive a message that says that it failed to start. My tip for you is to install a new series version in a new folder and not over a previous version during the installation process: click on Advanced and designate a new path for the installation. It does not need to be installed into a folder named Maxthon 5 or MX 5 (it has been so long since I have installed any version completely from scratch, I have forgotten what Maxthon offers as the installation path). Currently, I have installed versions in folders named Maxthon 5.1.5.xx, 5.1.6.xx, 5.1.6.xxx and Maxthon 5.2.0.x and they all work (just not all at the same time; one version at a time). Try and install into a new folder and see if that works better for you.
  12. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Thanks. I have never experimented with the portable version until recently, and I am finding out more about it every day. I noticed a clue about the auto update in the portable version when one goes to Help>About and there is no effort showing that it is checking to see if there are any updates available as it does in the install version. Until recently I had never gotten any automatic updates in the installed version either, so I was just thinking out loud. Thanks for clearing that up.
  13. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Same here, while I was using I was informed that an updated version was ready to be installed and to restart Maxthon. Before restarting I checked the forum for a notification but there was nothing. I restarted Maxthon and ended up with This is really not acceptable for me as I would have installed 1500 in it's own folder and not on top of 1400 in most cases. No problems appeared, so not really a problem but I prefer to have more control over my upgrades. Interestingly, on my Windows 10 tablet, my installation of Maxthon has not indicated that it needs an upgrade and Help>About says that the version is up to date. If I hadn't been using Maxthon for so many years (around 14) and been a regular member of this forum and the dealings with the dev team and moderators, I would be a bit confused as to what gives but I realize that this is just another example of par for the course with this team. Edit: was just now pushed to my Win10 tablet, just as it did to my desktop an hour ago. I wonder what I'll get on my Win7 machine? Will have to try it later. Tony: If you are using the portable version, and I'm guessing from previous posts, maybe upgrades aren't being pushed out for those versions. Both of mine so far have been install desktop versions. Just a thought and I will check with my one portable version that I have installed.
  14. Can I uninstall Adblock Plus?

    I think that you would know if you have the portable version installed or not as you would have specifically downloaded the portable version file and installed it plus the data file would be in the same folder as the program is installed into. If you don't remember doing that, you more than likely have the install version installed on your computer. And from what I have read above, you seem to have to install version. What might have confused you in relation to the data file is that Maxthon 4 uses the Maxthon 3 data file and there is no data file named Maxthon 4. If you have the Maxthon 3 data file, you most likely have the install version, not the portable version, and unless you did some folder name changing, the portable version would be in a folder named Maxthon Portable. I think the suggestion to use the portable version only served to confuse you. Just follow pantantrollo 's instructions to go to the Maxthon 3 data file and navigate to: _AppData\Maxthon3\Public\Addons\adblockplus.mxaddon
  15. The Roboform program has not worked with Maxthon since it went to the dual core system. Many of us have requested them to make a version that is compatible with Maxthon in Ultra mode (it has always worked with Retro mode, but that is because Retro mode used the IE engine). They made an announcement today that they have now made a version that is compatible with the edge browser, so I asked again if or when we would see a version that is compatible with Maxthon 5 Ultra mode. The following is their reply: "Hello, we have not supported Ultra mode, but have been able to support Retro mode due to the backgrounds of extensions. We will retest and see if we can work in Ultra Mode. We would need a larger customer base using Maxthon to move this along quicker. Please ensure that you have created a support ticket so that we can keep track of who does and does not want this feature. Kindly submit a ticket via our online support system: https://www.roboform.com/php/rtss/main?lang=en " Is anybody else still interested in using Roboform with MX5 Ultra? Or am I the only one that still desires to use this password storage and generator program with Maxthon? If there is some interest, I will create a support ticket and see what they come up with. As one can see from their reply, they don't think that there is a large enough customer base for them to be bothered. I told them there is a huge customer base in China that they are not tapping into but I don't really know just how many folks in China are currently using MX5 and also wish to use Roboform with it. Just attempting to see if this is worth following up or if I should just give up. Thanks for any responses.
  16. Default browser

    Remember this as I find that it happens more than I would like it to, though I am a Maxthon tester and am switching back and forth between different Maxthon versions quite often and have to check on that all of the time.
  17. Default browser

    Are you using Windows 10? I find that Win10 really likes people to use Edge browser as their default browser and also that setting Maxthon to be default in the Maxthon settings doesn't always actually set in Windows 10. I go to Settings>Apps>Default Apps and see what Win10 is set to for default browser. Many times it has been reset to Edge, so I change it there back to MX5. Maybe that is what is happening to you.
  18.  MX5 PC Beta Release

    Yes they do, or at least the FB Purity that was not working from a QA tile is now working as it should. Thanks for giving that attention.
  19. I can confirm that this also occurs for me using 5.2.900. I also tried to open that link in v. and had no problem at all.
  20. MX5 PC official Release

    Well I'l be da**ed. Following up on your discovery, I find that the FBP problem only exists when Facebook is opened from various QA tiles. If I open it from the Favorites bar, with the identical URL as the QA tile, the FBP extension performs as intended. I did my testing using It also works fine if Facebook is opened from the side bar Favorites. Will test on other versions, but it appears that you may have stumbled upon the source of the problem. I never tried this as I do not regularly use the Favorites bar (keep it hidden) or the sidebar (also hidden) and always open Facebook from a tile in the upper row of tiles on QA. At least I know how to make it work now, but still hope that this can now be further looked into and hopefully solved. Thanks for keeping on this. Edit: All holds true for in my case; hopefully others will find the same thing.
  21. Maxthon installation folder

    I'm not following all of the complaint you have but let me ask this question: When you install a Maxthon version, do you click on Advanced in the install dialog? When you do, there is the path that the Maxthon Installer wants to install it into and it will be the last place you installed a version (unless it is the very first time a Maxthon 5 version is being installed on one's computer, then it is set to install into a folder named Maxthon 5, I believe, since it's been years since I have installed a first time version). You can at that point install it into any folder you want to. I currently have 4 versions of Maxthon 5 installed all in different folders (I am a tester, so I have several installed at a time) and they are in folders named C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5.1.5.xx, Maxthon5.1.6.xx, Maxthon5.1.6.xxx and Maxthon5.2.0.x, which is exactly how I have directed them to be installed in the path dialog. I also have desktop shortcuts for 3 of them plus an icon for a portable version and all work fine. Maybe what you are experiencing is what Maxthon Installer does if you don't make changes before clicking install. Sorry if I misunderstood what you are doing to install and this is not your problem, I just didn't gather that from your posts.
  22. MX5 PC official Release

    Don't know what happened to my original response to your comment. I have now done all of the things you suggested, including uninstalling/reinstalling the various browser versions and the latest version of the FBP extension along with the config.ini file in the {e4eda742-605a-4201-b785-e0e228400516} folder. And I have found that FBP doesn't work properly in any version after That is on my main desktop machine, on my Windows 10 8" Dell tablet (with only installed as a result of the automatic update) as well as on my older Windows 7 machine again with What "doesn't work properly" is that on the home page, there is no icon in the toolbar or in the news feed to access the options page of the extension and no option changes are implemented. Newly discovered, I found that in all instances and machines, if I open another Facebook page from a link on my Homepage, the icon appears and I am able to access the options page and make option changes that are implemented on the newly opened Facebook page; but these changes are not implemented on the Home page. (This also occurs with the newest beta Now I realize from your screenshot, that it appears to be working for you with I also seem to recall that you are using the portable version of Maxthon and all of my installations are of the install version. Is it possible that you and BugSir006 are using the portable version and that is possibly why you can not confirm what I am experiencing? I also saw another post (http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/23222-extensions-does-not-work-after-5161000/#comment-122991) that also claims the same thing concerning FBP among other extensions not working, so it appears to not just be me. Having never used or even played with any portable versions, I can only throw that out as a possible reason that we have different results with this extension. And it still works just as it's supposed to in Since this happens in 3 separate installations on 3 very different computers and operating systems, and after all of the investigating that I have done since this weekend, it sure doesn't appear that it is just a problem for me. And there have been reports from others of other extensions not working properly or not working at all; the Spotify problem has been reported in several instances, and they all may be related. I will be curious what you think about this and maybe we can get closer to determining why this is happening. Thanks again for your efforts. EDit: I just downloaded and opened Maxthon Portable and the same problem exists on my Facebook homepage; so much for that theory. Unrelated, it is curious that when I use a new version like this portable one, the spell check dictionary flags Maxthon, of all words, as not in the dictionary.
  23. MX5 PC official Release

    You quoted me but apparently did not read what you quoted: " I have completely removed the extension from the browser, downloaded the latest extension version and re-installed it and it still does not work. In Menu>settings>Functions and Addons>Addons, it is shown to be installed and enabled but it does not appear when I open Facebook". So the answer, again, to your question is Yes, I downloaded and installed the latest version of F.B. Purity and it does not work fine after update still; it does not work at all. It does not show up on my toolbar as FBP right next to Home, I can not acces it's options page and it is not cleaning up anything in Facebook. 2.We just try to install this extension both on V5.1.6.1000 and V5.1.6.3000, and it seems works fine on both version. I mean, it can block ads. You said it doesn't work anymore, could you please tell us some specific information of which part doesn't work anymore? Can't block'sponsored' on fb? Not sure what you think this extension does, but it is not an ad blocker. When I say it doesn't work I mean that there is no sign that it is installed when I open a Facebook page, even though in Settings it shows as being installed and enabled. Here are 2 screenshots of my toolbar in and in (the problem still exists in the latest internal and I don't have an installation of to make a screenshot of): The top one is And this one is of Note on the top one that FBP is in the toolbar next to Home and that in the bottom picture it is not there. Also notice that the toolbars are different colors in each picture as I used FBP to change it in, which indicates that nothing is working in the installation, which is further obvious in the rest of the page in that none of the Facebook items I hide are hidden. Not sure what you are doing but from your questions, I don't get the idea the you know what this extension actually does, since blocking ads is not it's main function. Without that FBP in the toolbar, one can not access it's options page and it is obvious on my machine that it is not working at all, as though it is not even installed even though it shows as installed and enabled in Settings. Like I said, it still works properly in but does not work in, and the newest internal Let's let all of this sink in for now.
  24. MX5 PC official Release

    As I reported with the release of, the FB Purity extension also does not work with this release, so I continue to use, which is the last version that this extension worked in. I have completely removed the extension from the browser, downloaded the latest extension version and re-installed it and it still does not work. In Menu>settings>Functions and Addons>Addons, it is shown to be installed and enabled but it does not appear when I open Facebook. Fortunately, for some reason I am able to run on my main desktop machine (Win10 Home 64 bit) without Maxthon being automatically updated to, as it is on my Win10 32-bit tablet and on my Win7 32 bit older machine. Not sure what I did to my main machine to stop the auto update, but on my other 2 units, I am unable to open Maxthon without it being automatically upgraded to This is pretty unacceptable as I, as a tester for years now, always have several version releases installed so that I can better be able to try and duplicate others problems that are posted and do not want them updated automatically. If there is a "switch" to enable/disable this automatic update, I have not yet come across it, and there definitely should be one. I get my best results when I install new versions manually, many times in a new folder, and really never want to have any version automatically updated. I realize that many users that don't regularly hang out at the forum are used to all of their programs/applications/apps being automatically updated or at least are notified that a new version is available and can click to update and have been requesting this for years now, so it's good that it is finally available, but it should be an option, not without any control over it. My 2 cents.
  25. Annoying "abnormal icon" warning

    When you install a new version, click on advanced in the install dialog, and uncheck Create Desktop Icon and then you don't have to delete it. I create it each time so that I can Pin to Taskbar after renaming the desktop icon; then I delete the desktop icon and shortly get the same message you are seeing. I just close it and that's it. It is a bit annoying but certainly not a game breaker. I'm more annoyed that I am no longer able to have more than one Maxthon icon in my taskbar as I am a tester and may desire to have 2 or 3 versions available at a time.