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  1. It's odd...because when I opened the partial screenshot in Irfanview and checked image properties, there's no compression information. image_info.bmp
  2. Hi Rob, could I know the version of your Photoshop? I tried on CC2017&CS5, both ok.
  3. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Thanks! We have published it to Google Play, and are waiting for their approval. Thank you so much!
  4. Hi Rob, if you are using the latest version, V5.1.1.300-beta, you will see a different but revised notification when you do the same operation. We have update the string here, and will also update the source file on Crowdin ASAP.
  5. We have reported this issue to the dev team and are waiting for their confirmation and solution now.
  6. Hi, could you elaborate more about what do you mean by "responsive checking mode"? Besides, does "change resolution inside MX main window" mean change the view scale? like from 100% view to 120%? Besides, a crash report will be highly appreciated. You can send here or PM to me. Where to get the crash report: C:\Users\#Your User ID#\AppData\Local\Temp\MaxthonCrashData
  7. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Thanks klu! Application approved & looking forward to the localized store in Ukraine soon.
  8. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Hi klu I wonder do you have time to help us do localization work for Google Play Store description, which will help the users in your country know more clearly about Maxthon5 browser, and increase the installation of Maxthon5 Android browser. If you are not in that project ( Maxthon Webiste & App Store/Google Play Translation project) , please send application and I'll approve you ASAP.
  9. Hi Rob, We have reported a bug here. It's not translated, but coding notification shown wrongly which is also different with Chinese version. Thank you for pointing out.
  10. CPU Usage has been changed to "System info" in the new version. I think you can get that under your Turkish language. en-us version is going to be changed next time. Please be patient. Will be "Global Mute" in next en-us version. I have forwarded that file to the dev team.
  11. UU.ME does not work well !

    Happy to know it was solved.
  12. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Ok. I'll let them add this string ASAP.
  13. UU.ME does not work well !

    Hi, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Do you mean the shadow emails created in UUMail didn't receive email from emails from telegram and dropbox? Could you please PM me the real email and problematic shadow email you used at that time? I'll let our engineers identify the cause ASAP.
  14. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Hi klu, it seems they are the new-added strings in new version. Did it pop up when you open a file in your local device? which kind of file is that? More details so I can double check with the product team. Thanks!
  15. Hi Everyone

  16. Hi Rob, as you see on Crowdin, QA are in a different system with the framework of PC browser, so the development of QA and its update are not along with browser version like v5.1.0.1700, 1900... I noticed that you had finished the translation of Quick Access.ini, and I have downloaded your translation. But there was no update plan recently so I think I can wait for more other QA localization files and send them together to the QA dev team before they compile a new version. Hope you can understand it.
  17. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Mobile project approved. Would you like to help translate the Windows project?
  18. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Gooooooood job! We'll check and approve and apply them ASAP.
  19.         V

    * Added support for double-finger-scaling webpage feature * Once copied a URL, you can choose to open the URL directly * Added a share to Maxnote feature after select text content in other applications * Added a notice for restoring the backup data in Passkeeper * Fixed an issue where certain websites were not fully displayed in non-full-screen status * Fixed the problem of abnormal access to a Russian website http://xn--80adxbwkcj6a4cc.xn--p1ai/
  20. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Request accepted
  21. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Hi klu, I'm sorry for the inconvenience but Ukrainian translation hasn't been finished on Crowdin...See the attachement. Feel free to join us!
  22. Hi 7twenty, The content in Security info pop-up is not included in the source language file, but should be corrected directly from the coding side by the dev team. BugSir006 has reported this issue to them the first time she received your message. Recently, the dev team are busy with fixing bugs to prepare the next release verion, so there may be some delay. But don't worry! We are keeping pushing them and these mistakes will surely be corrected ASAP.
  23. Twitch bug

    I agree with fOrTune(r), because the core of MX4 is too old to support this site, but MX5 has a new core, so it's the only solution for that.
  24. Official translator on Crowdin

    Hi Ices, I added your name to the list now. Please forgive me this time This list is made from a screenshot of Crowdin translators offered by my colleague who is in charge of Crowdin at that time, but as you know, there are many translators for each project, and we don't have an editable list for all translators. That's why there are some missings. So now, I have an idea that maybe we could collect a sheet for all translators for Maxthon. With this sheet, we could know clearly who are translators for certain project. For this language, if other projects are lacking in translators, we could contact the translators for help. What do you think about that? Let me know. Jelly