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  1. Maxthon 4 and 5

    Have you tried these settings in the attached screenshots? Menu>Settings>General>New tab position/Close tab
  2. Open multiple links in new tab

    Hi Rob, sorry for the delay in approving. The extension checking system was in the charge of our colleague, including extensions from both Chinese users and international, so previously we could only remind him when there were complaint about delaying. But today, after so many feedback from you guys, we have managed to get the approval permission for extension center, so in future, we will approve extensions from international users seperately, to make sure that there will be no such kind of delay. Hope it's a good news for you, and we are also expecting more and more high quality extensions from you guys in future. Never too many for us! Jelly
  3. MX5 PC beta

    Hi Dev CZ, when to add new strings is decided by the product team. I asked them today about that, and they promised to give me a new update version before next week. Please stay tuned. We need your translations!
  4. Hi all, We are preparing a new release version these days, and it's time to include language files to do testing before launching. After checking, all above four languages are 99% translated, but have one string left: Deleting the folder "<span class="folder-name"></span>" will also remove it from the "My most Favourites" list. Are you sure you want to delete? If you happen to be the translators for above languages, hope you could go to Crowdin and help us finish them, or you can reply the translations directly on this thread, and I can copy it directly to Crowdin. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Maxers, You may know that we are ready to launch MX5 release version for Mac recently, and many of you have been our translators for Mac project. The following languages have been finished: French, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish, while others under process. For above languages, if you are just the translators or proofreaders, please let me know by replying this thread here, or sending PM to me. Our dev team will highlight your name(or nickname, as you wish) on the About page as following: Please feel free to contact me, and we are also waiting for more translators for this project to help MX5 Mac speak more languages. TIP: Since usually there are many translators or proofreaders for one language, in case of any missing, please do contact me if you want you name to be listed. If you forget to tell me your required listed name, sometimes it may be neglected by mistake... Now the following names have been considered and will be added: Ldfa, Burak Yavuz, OisteinR, bwisely, Vadim, Fahrul Hana, azpidatziak B.R. Jelly
  6. Translation for Mac Project

    Hi Vadim, today the dev team told me that it's better if all translators' name or username could keep unified. Given that, I suggest you use "Vadim" only on the about page. Is that ok?
  7. Hi 7twenty, The content in Security info pop-up is not included in the source language file, but should be corrected directly from the coding side by the dev team. BugSir006 has reported this issue to them the first time she received your message. Recently, the dev team are busy with fixing bugs to prepare the next release verion, so there may be some delay. But don't worry! We are keeping pushing them and these mistakes will surely be corrected ASAP.
  8. Translation for Mac Project

    No problem! When Russian language is added, your name will also be included there. By the way, will you use Vadim or pop4tune for your name listed there?
  9. Twitch bug

    I agree with fOrTune(r), because the core of MX4 is too old to support this site, but MX5 has a new core, so it's the only solution for that.
  10. Anybody noticing that recently we combined Android project and iOS project into Mobile project on Crowdin? This is to boost the efficiency of translation because Android and iOS languages are similar. Now, we need translators from following countries BADLY because more and more users are waiting their languages on Google Play: Malaysia, India, US, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Ukraine, Iran, Philippines, Spain, Colombia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Argentina, Iraq Some of the above languages are finished, but most not, so it will be highly appreciated if you guys could help If you don't know the process of joining our translation team, just let me know Jelly.
  11. Hi klu, have a good news to tell you: uk-UA translation and proofreading work have been finished. You will be able to see this language after next release version! Jelly
  12. Bug missing space

    Hi CZ, I checked Crowdin comments today, and I have to say really thank you and love you!!!! for reminding us so many mistakes in source file. It's really our glad and great honor to have guys like you!
  13. Your nickname has been added to my contact sheet now Thanks klu! We are so glad to have translators like you guys!
  14. Bug missing space

    Hi CZ, I have checked both these two missing space case in the source file, but this problem could not be fixed by making changes on source file. We need to report it to the dev team and let them correct them. We will record all similar problems of missing space, and transfer them to the dev team before next update. Thanks for your remind, and also welcome if you find any wrong spelling on language. (btw, welcome to the Translation board Jelly Hi 7twenty, "Smart Address Bar" and "Database broken, repair it?" are in two different string. Adding space before "Database..." or after "...Bar" may result in some disorder in future. So the best way is to let the dev team adding a space when they do integration work to the browser. I understand your worry and really feel grateful that you guys are so serious with every spelling and every space. We will not let you down Jelly
  15. Are your also translator on Crowdin? If not, I really welcome you to join us to help Maxthon speak Ukrainian language If yes, could you please tell me your user name on Crowdin? I can invite you to some other Maxthon projects (if you'd like to, haha)! Jelly
  16. Hi klu, We are waiting for 100% proofread for the Ukrainian language file. Now it's 100% translated but 94% approved. I have sent message to the proofreaders and I believe they will finish the proofreading work in the nearest future. Jelly.
  17. Official translator on Crowdin

    Hi Ices, I added your name to the list now. Please forgive me this time This list is made from a screenshot of Crowdin translators offered by my colleague who is in charge of Crowdin at that time, but as you know, there are many translators for each project, and we don't have an editable list for all translators. That's why there are some missings. So now, I have an idea that maybe we could collect a sheet for all translators for Maxthon. With this sheet, we could know clearly who are translators for certain project. For this language, if other projects are lacking in translators, we could contact the translators for help. What do you think about that? Let me know. Jelly
  18. As we mentioned in the sub-forum description, we have many good partners who helped us do translation and proofreading works for Maxthon browser. Here we give a short list to show our sincere gratefulness. Thanks to jvdeportugal, Venkatesh, VoltERRa, Ldfa, Roxana, Ices_Eyes, Aftabuzzaman Ullah, Ivo Miguel Barroso, Whiteshark, Vadim, Carmen Nielsen, Konieckropka, Gela Mekoshkishvili, Kasimir Freiberg, caldii, Burak Yavuz, tomdevastor, Bruno Rocha, Nguyen Duy Trung, 7twenty, Sid Lo, attila.varhegyi.3, Vladimir K, zajez, Shucka, henriqueaac, bogdan nicolae, lijunjie, muntealb, picimako, jiapwan0622, thanhtai2009, BN_01, odyssee, 6c6c6, furkanavshar, Wisely Shih, muradvardzelyan, Arturas Valneris, zffman, Rajat Sharma, BernieMX, LuCash, HoNooD, shali1995, Jomic, pika10singh, Ernest44, Gagiu Florin, Z0rk, telspan, dima.dm.9, Nikita, iVideo Downloader, Thomas, pycckoe, Monica Moura, 1tucatkupac, xesusmosquera, elgalepin, makocamakica, Rancher, Carlos Gomes, Wilser, ThE OmY, sarunasnet, GwazanAlre, Eduardo Addad de Oliveira, 10ours, Markyhennon, Michel Cognon, Angelo Timmoneri, exeupx, AlexandreAndrejow, parles, rchk, ricouz, Zykloned, balonmi1, daisuke osada, Magd Almuntaser, Roman Shishkin, hassanfarsi73, Kardelia Derin, michael.shalom.3, Xabier Aramendi, Cryssy Missy, ALeXkRU, Koncz_Laszlo, guskovoleg, R3gi, marius.baesu, rajan.subramanian.372, abdullah al-jaser, Zlosin, 469377116, mujaheed, Michal Jaskiewicz, ermoha90...Without you guys, we could never have made it this far. Above is only the UID or nickname for our translator and proofreader on Crowdin, but if your name is missed by occasion, please feel free to tell me at any time. We will feel glad to correct that. We totally agree that every effort should be memorized! Hope to see your name on this list soon.
  19. Official translator on Crowdin

    Hi Roxana, Your name has been listed now. I'm sorry for the mistake. But of course I know you are our translator on Crowdin, and if I didn't remember wrong, you are translating at least two languages? Jelly
  20. Page is Crashing in MX5

    Hi Daniel, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused. But could you please let me know whether this error happened on only a certain website, or for all pages using MX5? If it is the former, a url will be highly appreciated! Thank you for your support for Maxthon, and please don't worry. @BugSir006 will follow up this ticket to help you until it is solved!
  21. Export passwords

    7twenty is right. Neither MX4 nor MX5 supports exporting passwords while you can export the bookmarks saved in Maxthon browser. Well, could I know why you want to move to other browsers? Your feedback will be highly appreciated to help us improve our products. Why not give your Maxthon browser another chance?
  22. Problems with facebook

    Hi Roger, Has this problem been solved after you update the browser version? I couldn't confirm exactly the problem from your description, but given that you were using v4.9.2.1000, which is an old version, I guess it may be similar with this question in this thread. There's a video in above thread. You can check it and if you were referring to the same problem, I agree with 7twenty and suggest you to update your browser to the latest version:, because that bug has been fixed in v4.9.4.1100 Looking forward your feedback. Jelly
  23. Huge use of RAM !!! 1.5 GB ??

    Hi federacer, I'm sorry for bringing you inconvenience and the late reply. The situation you encountered is unusual. My OS is same as yours but the RAM consumption is much lower, so I think it may be related to some other usage environment. Could you please help create full dump and send back to us for reference? It will help us identify the cause and which part and which process it is that eats RAM. Attached is a tool to create full dump, and an animation picture to show how to use this software to create full dump. (The software, procexp, is a tool developed by Microsoft. It's safe and light, only 2.7MB. You can click it to use without installation.) Any other question, please feel free to let us know. Regards! Jelly procexp.exe
  24. Hi mesmer, I'm sorry I couldn't understand your point quite clearly. Could you have a screenshot for a clearer explanation? Jelly
  25. Black screen with

    I think you are right in this case. Actually for MX4, our test team once tried more than 300 tabs running at the same time without problems hhhh.