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  1. Yeah I asked about simply moving the folders as this is my preferred way of doing things, but there was resistance to this and I was encouraged to import. Except as said you can't, although the simple addition of a "choose file" would enable the portable import feature. Anyway it's moot as I am not signing in every time simply to use a browser, that's as big brother as it gets and I'm off to find an alternative.
  2. Any comments from users who find most everything about the portable 4.9 version of Maxthon simply doesn't work or at best is unreliable?
  3. As said, when you go to import from old version, portable versions do not show up!
  4. There's no such folders in 5 beta so that's useless.
  5. Firstly, I don't have and don't want a Maxthon account. I have no idea what an account brings but I have no unmet needs. However, what you're saying is each time the portable version changes, as I can't import data such as quick access and saved logins etc, then I have to redo them all every single time there's an upgrade to the portable browser? Is that correct?
  6. I've asked twice now which folder holds data such as the quick access. Twice I've been told import it from browser to browser. So I went from 4.5 to 4.9 which solved some of my other issues, however all the quick access were lost and so were my auto logins. So again, does anyone know which file/folder I need to carry across to copy al of my profile info to the new browser?
  7. I thought this was fixed but although I fixed it for the version 4.4 browser, I can't seem to get it to work in 4.9. I moved the appropriate files manually and when that didn't work I downloaded and tried the flash updater tool. Still I am simply getting a message saying can't load plugin. Is this a known fault maybe with another workaround?
  8. Well, firstly I didn't know I could do that. Secondly, If I want to simply make a backup, I can only export favourites, not all my quick access and login data. So that means backing up the entire folder instead of just the files I require.
  9. Sorry, I mean, I have the portable version. What part of the program, which folder and/or files, relates to saved passwords, quick access etc?
  10. OK I got it going now. How can I change profile from one portable version to another so I retain my speeddail, and favourites, and saved passwords etc?
  11. I can't use flash video and a very helpful text came up to explain why, but it said type in about:plugins to the address bar to deal with this, except when I do all I get is: Page Not Found The server cannot find the page you requested. Please make sure: - You have entered the correct URL. - You have the permission to access this page. Error code 300 (net::ERR_INVALID_URL) Can anyone help?