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  1. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    The titles of folders are visible only when i move mouse over the folders. It's a little embarrassing, because when i look for a folder, i'll need to move the mouse over each of them, to find what i want. For this I suggest, the titles of folders not be hidden, and see them permanently.
  2. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    1. I like search/address bar. Gives individuality on the browser and helps for speed search. 2. QA in MX5 is most quickly than MX4. Everything is on one page and grouped on folders. Everything is in front of your eyes. Only, if MX team make the titles of folders visible permanently, it's will be most faster to find what you search in QA folders. This is my opinion and I would not have returned to the old QA, where i must flip through the pages to find what I need. Now everything is in front of me and quickly start what I need. Different people, different views! Have a nice day!
  3. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    I like the new QA! Only, maybe, make the titles of folders visible permanently ;) For me MX5 is much better than MX4. Thank you for all, Maxthon Team!
  4. MX5 Android beta release V

    Hooray! My dream came true! MX5 for android with fully functional landscape mode! I'm very, very happy! Now i can use my favorite browser! Thank you very much!
  5. MX5 Official Release (Updated)

    Hi BigSir006, Until a few versions Bulgarian was supported, but now not. I downloaded Bulgarian language from here: And you can see here: , where are all Locales for v5.0.2.900 and there is Bulgarian, but there is not a correctly translated. In previous link is the correct! Now i put manually Bulgarian language in Locales folder, but every update removed him. I think that this is not correct. The update should not remove anything from folder, he should only UPDATE!
  6. MX5 Official Release (Updated)

    Hi! Why after every update Maxthon remove languages in Locales folder and put only languages that are in the installation? Now i need after every update to copy my (Bulgarian) language file. The installation must replace existing languages if they have an update and keep other files. Please, correct this!
  7. Hi! On this site: not work search option. On IE evrething is fine.