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  1. Drag and drop not working on Dropbox

    It worked when I re-started the computer and application!
  2. Drag and drop not working on Dropbox

    I tried all of the different options and it is not working. Drag and drop also not working on Yahoo email.
  3. Drag and drop not working on Dropbox

    Dropbox drag-and-drop functionality is also not working for me on the latest version,
  4. I just noticed that Maxthon is taking over 10 gb of memory on my iPad! I already deleted cookies and history but the memory has not changed. Any ideas on what is causing this?
  5. Yahoo Mail and other site problems.

    I also started running into this problem in the last few days. My Yahoo email starts refreshing on it's own. I currently have the most recent version of Maxthon.