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  1. since the clouds started moving (today) a lot of icons/screenshots disapeared for no reason from quick access. And since screenshots are available (but some of them run forever like scottchu.tw said) a lot of official logos/icons (which are in hot I guess) are not available.
  2. Netflix not working

    yes, but it wasnt working on ultra earlier too. Unfortunately I cannot provide my login because Im using family's account, but maybe there will be someone. Anyway videos works again on retro (with some minor problems in displaying titles)
  3. Hi, Ive been having problems with netflix from the very first day I started using this site on maxthon. First I had to change agent to firefox. Later I used netflix on retro mode. Today I updated maxthon and had some smaller issues with pc and now netflix its not working on retro mode (it says I dont have enabled cookies) and on ultra mode when I play something I get black screen and nothing is happening. What is the problem?
  4. Its checked. This bug appears for sure in polish language (which somehow applied after installation, I was using english before installing), its fine in english and chinesse.
  5. what has happened with bottom toolbar and where's the zoom option?
  6. Adblock doesnt work

    hello, its fine now, I dont know why, but I had to open maxthon as a administrator (however earlier I didnt have to do that). Anyway its fine now thanks!
  7. Hi, today I renstalled maxthon at work and adblock doesnt work. At home its fine, however here I have ads all over my sites. I unistalled with all the data, made a clean install and still the same issue. Please look at the screen. In adblock options I dont have all the things that should be there, whats the problem?