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  1. no,no BigSir in mx 5 because I still have it on my old laptop there's a mouse gesture: Hold left button then right click. and to this gesture I have assigned command to find in page. was quite useful, at least for me there is this gesture to use in mx6, but there's no Find in page.. action to assign. thank you for your concern
  2. thanks, hope that multi search engine comes back because it was perfect especially when we could add there custom engines. as for the second one, it was (i dont remember if I set that up, or that was by default) in mouse gestures I guess, it worked for me like searching on the page with ctrl+f
  3. hey Ktulu789 I didnt get answer when I asked, but Im in the same position as you. luckily most of the things and data are fine, but is it possible to use multi search engine? I cant find it and I loved searching by drag&drop and then switching between different search engines. there's some addon for that? and over the years I have had it set up that when I highlighted some text on website and clicked left and right mouse button it searched on the website. now its gone?
  4. since i was still using maxthon 5 on old pc and now moved to new one I installed mx6. is there an option to use multi search here? or maybe there's an extention that allows me to search and quickly move between different search engines?
  5. hello, its fine now, I dont know why, but I had to open maxthon as a administrator (however earlier I didnt have to do that). Anyway its fine now thanks!
  6. Hi, today I renstalled maxthon at work and adblock doesnt work. At home its fine, however here I have ads all over my sites. I unistalled with all the data, made a clean install and still the same issue. Please look at the screen. In adblock options I dont have all the things that should be there, whats the problem?