AdHunter not works properly good!!!!!!!!


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Mantley Rawson replied at 2014-2-5 12:41 back.gif

Add in rules!


If you visit those site i said on top then click on one of hyper links located in list at left side of the page then you see another different url is being opened has this popup windos Ads , with many opened ads tabs that one of these opened tabs is related to that hyperlink you clicked containing this popup windows ads still , Does your command must be repeated for one by ones of these urls page too in Edit blocked option ?

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Mens Magna replied at 2014-2-5 20:19 back.gif

Put it in global rules.

Thanks it works also How can prevent open auto popup Ads pages

If you clicks one of hyperlinks above then after clicking some unwanted pages starting to open besides the page related to hyperlink , Is there a global rule to prevent open all unwanted auto pop up ads pages by clicks on a hyperlink ?

If you can find or creat it really really have help me Never will forgot you :kiss:

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