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dn007_seznam replied at 2013-12-13 23:01 back.gif

And by script I mean own plug-in. Sorry for not being clear.

Why make things so complicated? CNTL-leftClick saves the image with NO FURTHER action in the My Pictures folder. It could't be simpler and no need to garbage Maxthon up with another extension.

As you may see, I'm a firm believer that if I have an extension, it has to have a very good reason for being around.l In thins case I tested the action and see no justification for adding an extension to do what Maxthon can already do.


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I think there are many reasons for heaving this functionality for hand in script. The biggest is probably the inconvenience of ctrl+click combination. The other reason is obviously the possibility to program/script some semi-automated picture analysis and downloads.

I do not force anybody to use such a script, but the scripts are here to open the possibilities.

My question was: is there this possibility or is there any reasonable reason why not give this openes to the users?

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